Bring Back Pastor Mustard

I know opinions vary wildly on this topic, but I feel strongly that Pastor Mustard’s absence from TBF is unfortunate, to say the least, and I, for one, really miss him. His voice throughout the day was one of those traditions that served as a definitive sound of the TBF, and, in a festival steeped in traditions, his absence is a sad thing. Here’s to hoping that Planet Bluegrass does what they need to do to bring him back.

I have searched and asked but perhaps not is the right place or with the right person(s). Can someone spill the dirt on the departure of the Pastor? What happened…really.

He wanted a contract and more money.
Craig said that nobody gets a contract, and the Pastor quit. :eek

Wow. That seems silly and petty. I would have imagnied there was more intrigue involved. Thanks tom.

Contracts, they only protect the person that want’s it.

Handshake, now there is substance.

I don’t miss him, but I would like just one announcer. Steve Martin or Sammy or, :rolleyes A little humor goes a long way. :lol :flower :lol

I, too, miss The Pastor. The MC’s haven’t quite cut the mustard for me since he left. It’s nice to see Del on stage introducing Ricky, and stuff like that, but no one in the MC slot has ever been as entertaining as Pastor Mustard.

:thumbsup I’m all for it. He’s a rockstar like anyone else that plays the fest. His presence is deeply missed.

I loved hearing Sarah J and her great introductions, though everyone knows I’m her biggest fan :wave. Hey, why not get all the TeenGrass err um Sorry! NextGen! (what was I tinkin?) kids on board and get them to do all the intros? What a great experience for them! :thumbsup

Here’s a big HEEN for moving on!

How about Pastor Tim? :mic :mic

I seem to remember he did a good job one weekend at the ranch.

Ah yes, I do miss Pastor Mustard. His banter may have been annoying to some, but it was hysterical to me. Most people don’t realize how hard it is to be new/unique/entertaining all day every day for 4 whole days.

I’ll take Burle any day. And I think it’s pretty cool when artists introduce each other. Pretty meaningful.

With kind respect to Pastor Mustard, I have to agree with g.
Seeing Del and Arlo introduce each other in their retrospective
sets was way cool!

I would like to see the Pastor back! The fest is not the same without him.

Pastor Mustard has a radio show in Aspen. His email is published on the KAJX website as I think if you have a genuine concern, best to bypass the hearsay factor and write him. He is a pastor.

G, I’m not sure Benny has got it, or will get it as an MC. He’s a gifted songwriter, no doubt, but was pretty flat and unengaging as an MC. I just didn’t feel it. The artists introducing each other is nice, but when Sarah J. is up there introducing her ‘favorite’ band, Uncle Earl, and needs to read a synopsis from a card, it is embarrassing, and doesn’t quite ring true.

Dan had honed his persona to an art, and knew all about the artists, park, vendors, goings on, housekeeping, workshops, special events, etc. An MC has to have command of his audience, and know and take ownership of his room. Sadly he probably won’t be back, and hopefully the search for a full time MC is ongoing.


I completely agree. After having Pastor Mustard for many years at TBF I was very disappointed by the way they MC Rockygrass when I started attending 2 years ago. It made me appreciate the Pastor even more. Now, unfortunately, it seems TBF is headed the same direction. World-class musicians deserve world-class introductions by someone well-versed in raising the crowd’s interest and enthusiasm.

But my confidence remains high because I’ve had enough feedback from the PB folks over the years to know that they keep a keen eye on what’s working and not working, are very willing to honestly admit when some of their ideas didn’t work, and then coming up with improved alternatives.


Mustard is the Man, and PB should do what they need to do to bring him back next year. It’s a much better festival with him. The key line in his note is “I wouldn’t turn it down.” 'Nuff said. Craig needs to give him a call and reestablish Pastor Mustard as MC and recapture an important lost tradition.

Nice of you to post that email TTom! :cheers

Ah well, best to hope for a CAMEO! Especially when the entire ticket toting throng is there to witness it and then and only then, will you hear that valley floor ROAR! In it’s conceptual gratitude, dude.

At least the Pastor ain’t passed on!

Righteous Letter, Dr. Mustard!*

(Honorary Degree From French’s Mustard Mud Hut)

So, who in his place? Kelly Ripa’s pretty hot and has a skreechy kind a vocal quality …!

I hope he still gets his lifetime pass for all those years!

Apparently speaking for the minority, I DON’T MISS MUSTARD!. His shtick was tiresome 20 years ago when gay midgets in rickshaws and Rocky the Leprechaun’s clogging boards were the latest in TBF tech and did not improve w/ age. It was with considerable chagrin that I noted Dan’s presence on the Tipitina’s Uptown stage in April this year in Nola with the Sam Bush Band. He does own an awesomely cool National guitar,though.

Now, I like Dan personally, and my criticism of the Mustard persona isn’t meant to disparage Dan at all. But as MC - well, Joe Craven did a fine job at Rockygrass after Buck Buckner passed on, I like Burl’s approach, but I really enjoyed the multiple interlocutors we saw a couple of fests back. YMSB’s intro of the LoS reunion was something Mustard could not have pulled with the same authenticity. And yeah, me & my tarpmates were early adherents of the “Hold the Mustard” Brigade.

My point here is that not all veteran Festivarians are united in love for P. Mustard. Calls for his return are not unanimous.

After my brief appearance on stage to collect my Telluride Bluegrass 35th Anniversary Martin Guitfiddle (thanks!!! :cheers), I wished that instead of a loud rebel yell ala Howard Dean and an out of tune G-run, I had said something infinitely more meaningful into the mic, like:

“Bring me another cabin boy, I done ripped this one asunder”

No offense to Burle, but I missed the Mustard, there was always the possibility for a train wreck around the corner. Not always a bad thing when you think about it.

You don’t know how ironic and funny this is. Guess you have to know Burle. :lol