Blue Turtle Seduction to play the 15th Annual Tie Dye Party!

Howdy Festi-Friends!

Everyone’s invited to Rich Martin’s 15th annual birthday bash known as the Road to Rich’s Tie Dye Party, in Ramah, NM, on Saturday, May 17, 2008. Camping opens Friday, May 16.

no dogs, no fires, pack it in, pack it out!

This year’s line-up includes:

Blue Turtle Seduction - recent “Jammy” nominees from Cali
Gravy - dreadneck rockabillly from Flagstaff, AZ (you’ve met these guys at the Tiki Bar)
The Withdrawals - legendary rock-n-roll from Albuquerque
Sharon Gilchrist & Joe West (of Peter Rowan/Tony Rice Quiartet & The Santa Fe Allstars)
Aimee Hoyt (of Raising Cane) in a new acoustic bluegrassy trio
Saltine Ramblers - Albuquerque’s best slamgrass band
Young Edward - bluegrassers from Burque’
Family Coal - traditional bluegrass from Madrid, NM
Stewart Byous and his Blutubes

Tickets are $25 for the weekend. 16 and under free w/paying adult
No dogs, No fires, Pack it in Pack it out - them’s the rules
Shoot me a line if’n you’re interested

Thanks Bevin, I’ll put it in the possibility pool. Hope all is well with you.


Oh, you’re in, Courtness… we’ll drive out together. :drive

Wait… NO DOGS?! Hmmm… maybe that’s best. Mine would be running a-muck all day.

Thanks, Bevin! :wave

Right - Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 11. “Tie Dye Day” is the following weekend - Saturday, May 17

ps - Jen, please bring Courtness!!

Oh Bevin, :cheers

It’s a little hectic so it will have to be a last minute decision, but I’m not saying no by any means!!!

As for Pagosa, it’s just our stopping point waiting to abgat.

Something delightful is in the air, and I’m not saying anything more. (right, and I have some swamp land for sale too - river front property)

:lol :flower :lol

Ken and I will be there Bev… in my new rig! I won’t give you too many details, but I thank God he went with me to look at the one you and I talked about! Greg (Kelly) and Lisa will be with us from Gallup, as well.

xoxo R

P.S. What did you think of the CD?

Well, folks, we’ve got a couple of last-minute additions to the Tie Dye Party line-up.

First - BLUE TURTLE SEDUCTION will headline the Tie Dye Party!

Second - Joe West, of Santa Fe Allstars, will join the amazing Sharon Gilchrist for a special duo set!

Hope you can all make it!

ps to Rhonny - that was a great CD!

For those who can’t make it to the party, you can catch Blue Turtle Seduction in Telluride at Las Montañas, June 15!

I haven’t seen them, but I do like what I have heard… so far. Check it out:

Lookin’ forward to the show at Rich’s! Good stuff… :thumbsup

I wish I could make it, but alas not to be for me. Ill be planning to make it next year most definitely though!!! :slight_smile: :cheers

Have fun!!

What a party!!

It was THE perfect pre-fest fest… I am warmed-up and ready to roll now!

I managed to edit down the photos to the highlights, which was not an easy task. Bevin has the link to the entire album, so be on the lookout for that.

The Tiki Bar (and Peter!) was there in full-force…

And the DukTape Boys represented for Kamp DukTape…

No one was turned away from this event… not even this guy…

The music went all day and all night long… :band

Family Coal

Sharon Gilchrist & Joe West

The Saltine Ramblers


Blue Turtle Seduction

And that’s just to name a few!!

There was also quite a bit o’ dancing going on… :dancing

Believe it or not, there was actual tie-dying, too…

A HUGE “thank you” goes out to our Host and Organizer.

Well done, Rich and Bevin… we’ll see you again next year!


Thanks for the great pics Ms. Gipper!!! I can’t wait to see them all. I love that you have on record how Janet and I can never set our cocktails down … even when hula-hooping!
Where are the pics of yourself little lady??

I wasn’t really there… :wink:

BS - Allright, we gotta steal the camera from this girl in town park!

Dudette… I’ll let you take my disposable camera…

BTW, please give Keith sincere apologies from DukTape Man for stealing his solo during Gravy’s set…

This guy is outta control! :flight

The proof is in the puddin…

Can’t say Rich didn’t have too bad of a birthday with you lovely ladies hanging on him all night…