Be a Part of the 2012 TBF Printed Program

This year’s foof (festival decoration) design is an immersion in “blue.” Beyond tarps, blue skies, and denim, this year we’ll be surrounded by Picasso, giant blue crayons, and many other blue surprises around every corner.

As well, we’ll be scattering references to treasured festivarian “blue” memories/possessions throughout the festival program. And we’d love to include one of yours…

Share a 12-ish word description of a cherished “blue” item/memory below. Be descriptive. Be unique. Be personal. Be emotional.

A few vague examples to get you started (feel free to many any of these your own):

  • my 1-year-old son carrying our blue tarp into his first TBF,
  • our dog Blue howling at the moon,
  • Bill Monroe singing “Blue Moon of Kentucky” in 1993
  • my favorite blue Fender guitar pick

Post as many as you’d like. (And please, spread the word to your extended festivarian family.)

Late next week, we’ll select items from as many different festivarians as we can to appear in the printed program (along with the author’s name and hometown).

Thanks for your help. We can’t wait to read your submissions.

Telluride Bluegrass is so romantic, I never have to worry about blue balls…

Oh wait this is a family event… :lol let me think about this some more :rolleyes

When the bank bag blew up it turned my hands bright blue. :evil

Just kidding of course. :lol

Everyone is dancing with happiness for four days, then comes blue Monday. :cheers

Hard to clap when my hands are blue from the cold, so I just holler instead. WOO HOO!
(but we tend to forget about those things in a very short time, because the good things just take over the memory bank).

I am borrowing this one from Telluride Tom.


Buying my favorite Blue Tye-Dye from Mama

Blue; How Flat Larry felt when leaving the 30th Telluride Bluegrass Festival :frowning:

In Telluride the Yonder is always Wild and never Blue.

Watching a field of green become a sea of blue.

Perfect! Hooch

Nice! This is kind of a tricky thread, but you guys are starting to get the idea.

Another way to find some inspiration:

Take a look through your personal festival packing list for anything blue. And tell us about that very specific thing…

a hat. a t-shirt. a chair. a tent. a bike. a camp flag. a hula hoop. a favorite CD for the journey.

I don’t think an ode to my blue mouthwash will make it into the program.

My tent is Blue at Bluegrass,
Hippo Campus is the name,
Black for starry skies at night,
Red hot for music of the brain.

Blue socks, blue PJ’s you will find
If you get in the Bloody Mary line
Blue skies, blue water rushing past
Telluride Bluegrass is such a BLAST!

One blue tent in Town Park
Gets it’s name from banjo fame
No it wasn’t just a lark
Bluegrass music helps your brain!

Auntie Hope
Hippo Campus


:thumbsup You gotta put this in!

Came out to Bluegrass Festival in 2007. Never left. Thank you.

Head in a tizzy, the blue river chilled me, and music began to play!

Full of blue grass - from blue dawn to indigo dusk.

“Oh look it’s Periwinkle, so sure I have it now. You wink and there’s a twinkle in you’re eyes but still somehow”

  • Crayola Doesn’t Make a Color for Your Eyes