Any sets from the fest been up loaded?

Railroad earth
Punch Brothers
Crooked still at the fly me to the moon
greensky and railroad earth in the park?
House band jam?

Would love any of those!

Give the tapers some time to unwind. :wink:
It may take a few weeks for stuff to be tracked and posted, so be patient.
They’ll show up sooner or later. :flower

I found a version of RRE from the Sheridan but I haven’t had a chance to check out the sound quality/etc.

To concur with what Tom said,though – this set was a VERY fast upload. Though times have changed quite a bit since the “two week rule” was put into effect (meaning two weeks from the show date is a reasonable amount of time to be patient before asking where certain shows/sets are), that still seems to be the courteous rule in my book in terms of the minimum amount of time to wait for a recording!

I have been listening to the RRE sheridan that was mentioned and it is a GREAT recording.

Ohhhhhh its nice!

I listened to the 1st set last night and its wonderful. Setlist and sound quality make it a show I wish I could have attended.


Great, great sounding recording!! And great, great show!!

yonder first night pre-festy opener at telluride conference center:

(right now it’s top of this torrent list, click through for show details or to launch torrent):

i love you cotapers!

downloaded and now seeding! thanks for the notification, historyman! :thumbsup

The YMSB show at T-Ride conference center was dedicated to Sandy Alexander who passed away June 5,2009. a great human being and a much missed friend.

The conference center show was a replay of this show, except for the two encores: Yonder Mountain String Band Live at Stafford Lake on 1999-10-02 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

So, a little history of the original, Stafford Lake show, words by Sandy’s widow, Stella:

“It was a recording
that Sandy made with his much loved Neuman mics, put in a artsy cover
and distributed far and wide. Yonder considers it a catalyst to
their success as it turned many folks onto their music in the “early
days.” A total vocal workout for Jeff as he sang the majority of the
songs, with most of the rest sung by Ben. Adam and Dave didn’t have
many of their own songs yet at the time, so it was a little different
dynamic in that respect. You could feel Sandy smiling hugely down on
all of us, and dancing crazy in that quirky way of his. There was a
small “shrine” to Sandy on stage between Adam and Jeff’s equipment
that included an empty chair, a flower arrangement with a picture of Sandy, the
master copy of the original show he made, an small urn with some of
his ashes”

For the Stafford Lake show, there was probably 50 people tops, all squeezed into the smallest tent you can imagine, it was quite the evening/early morning, the energy is palpable to say the least…

Enjoy both!!

:medal :medal :medal :medal :medal :medal :medal :medal :medal :medal :medal :medal :medal

Younder Friday night Sheridan set up on cotapers:


YMSB 6-20-09 mainstage set is here:

Outstanding Recording! Nice Job!

wow! thanks for the sheridan show!! definitely the highlight of the weekend for me
i havent been able to find too many shows from this year, but here is a link for a bunch of shows from previous years…

heres the greensky nightgrass show
rre nightgrass

Im a bit confused.

With uTorrent on a Mac Computer…how do you actually play the files after they have been downloaded. I can see them there but I can not figure out how to a) get them ready to be converted from Flac b) play them!

Any help would be awesome.

You need the flac decoder to decode the files from .flac to .wav.

In the old days you had to get the decoder and a front end GUI piece separately, I am not sure if those two pieces are seamless now.

Poke around here:

You basically just need one more piece of software to decode the files. It’s free and easy to use. If you already got the .flac files via a torrent, you are by far most of the way there.

I use Foobar2000 to play FLAC files directly over my computer. No decoding to WAV necessary.

Nero has a plugin to play FLAC files too without decoding.

Winamp will also play FLAC files directly without decoding. :cheers

Songbird is an open source —NO ADS— program that will play FLACs and many other formats. It’s pretty new and I"ve only been using it for a few months but it is easy to use and control and no doubt, will continue to be developed.


i know the tapers havent really gotten around to putting anything up yet, and thats cool-- this is not a plea by any means, just wondering… does anyone know if any of the workshops were taped? in particular, the bela/thile workshop… i havent seen any of these in previous years (maybe i just wasnt looking) so i dont know if anyone tapes those performances or not. 'twood be a good one to hear again, though.

Once I have taken the time to download these shows, will I be able to then transfer these to my itunes? :huh