Any Pickers Like Vintage Gibson Acoustics

Howdy All,

I recently had an opportunity to acquire three very nice vintage instruments…

however I can’t afford to keep all of them and want to find at least one a new home

What I have

Gibson Heritage 1968… in excellent condition… played very little by original owner… sounds good now but will only get better

Gibson B45-12 12 String Sunburst 1969 near mint condition comes with original receipt and tags

Orpheum #3 Tenor banjo from the 1920s… excellent condition and beautiful instrument

my preference is to sell the 12 string cause I will play that the least but I may consider parting with the others since I have a wedding to pay for in August.

check out picture of the instruments at link to pictures

Best of luck on your sale. Although tempted, the wife would wallop me if I bought any other instruments. :slight_smile: I know quite a few players - how much you asking for these?

Not much activity on this board. If you haven’t already, I’d recommen posting this on the Acoustic Guitar Forum. Lot’s more exposure. Also, good luck and congratz on the wedding!