Any/All suggestions/solutions for Pass Sales

It seems the past few years tickets have sold out leaving many disgruntled angry or scrambling in despair :argh I am certain Team Planet is working hard to discover a way that works for we loyal festivarians. Instead of just being fault finders playing the blame-game let’s use the festivarian think tank :talk and provide suggestions /solutions. Now I’ve read a lot of good ones from lotteries to will call to preseason signups at the show… What else?

Let’s go back to the way it was before online sales… You have to send a check in by postmarked date.

Well, I’ll be dead soon so there’s one new spot. :lol

I think, YingYang card for us Vets, like a stamp at a Subway Shop or frequent Flyer Miles or Points on your Credit Card.

The more you come, the easier it is to get in… A level program
Inclusive and exclusive :flower
I never did understand why folks give deals to new clients when it’s the repeating ones that have held the mean, these folks should get the “coupon”. What do I know, I’m just a Shark. :flower

This was discussed in detail in this thread…I think it’s a combo of flash tickets and manual lottery that would be the best, but in the end there’s more people than tickets so someone will always be on the outside.

Well shark I’m hopeful we can squeeze a few more out of ya before d-day. So you’d suggest a Festi-geezer program? Honoring our faithful vets who keep the spirit alive.
Interesting… Like show us your stack of annual beer cups and get put on a list.

Ya know i admit I have noticed the trend of getting new sales instead of appreciating the existing in all areas of business today from buying a cell phone to even electric companies offering discounts to new customers… I’d love my cell company to call me up one day and say hey thanks! Here’s a free month…

I think if anything will solve this problem, it is more threads about it.

Festi-Dictionary Alert!!! :lol

:lol :lol :medal yes, this is what I am suggesting. :thumbsup

I probably shouldn’t admit it…but this made me laugh. :lol

I’d like the idea of you guys brainstorming. We most certainly are trying to come up with every idea we can, and some we can’t, to improve things.

For the sake of discussion, I’d like to play devil’s advocate to some of these ideas.

With the “repeat offender” idea…

Say someone has been coming for 20+ years and can’t make it this year/hasn’t made it for the past couple. How do we not exclude those people?

expected answer: “Use your records to see who has purchased tickets in years past”


How do we differentiate from the Festivarians and the fake Festivarians who are scalping? Everyone is just a name in our database. There’s no way to tell who’s coming and who’s buying for friends, etc…

You do exclude those people (but not because you want to).

Set aside a limited number of 4-day passes (say 500-1000) and have a separate Advanced Sales ticket booth inside the grounds. Sell up to a fixed amount each day.

Most people will understand that if they are not present then they can’t get the advance tickets (but I bet some of their friends will hook them up).

3 waves or releases of tickets, first wave for the vets,in December, after deadline is up to respond,which is really RSVP second wave less frequent attendees, in Jan.,third wave newbies in Feb. Yep your data would have to identify repeats. No excluding, just have to get it while its hot on your wave.

I am not sure what type of data you keep, but a quick look and you will see our names in year after year. I always say the process of elemination is a wonderful tool…

And I am up for a small ying yang tat on me for each year kinda like a bar code. :medal

YEA!! New Revelation! … One must receive the “Mark of the Fest” :evil to enter.

I’ll leave you one of my kids as a deposit for the next fest…LOL

I would be opposed to a system which embraced prior attendance as a leg up for being able to obtain tickets for subsequent years’ festivals. There’s currently a relative degree of “institutional bias” with respect to seating (i.e. poser pit + tarps), whereas providing an inside track for future ticket sales would only seal the deal as far as stacking the deck regarding mere attendance.

If anything, I’d support a lottery where the deck gets re-shuffled for every deal. I just don’t believe there ought to be any sort of connection between prior year’s attendance and entitlement (or merely better odds) for the future.

Most festivarians who’ve been coming out to the TBF for years knows what it takes, even when tickets are tight. You just have to be on your A game.

This is just my personal opinion, as I’d rather enjoy the moment inside the festival grounds knowing I got inside the gate without a special handshake or crest on my jacket & that others did as well.

As far as subway punches: I think that’s apples and oranges … IOW, there’s not a limited supply issue in the case of subs … then again, I prefer Pot Belly and they’re not in Colorado :huh

There might be something to the seniority thing as far as having “clearance” with respect to being pre-approved to enter a lottery or pre-sale in effort to mitigate scalping … which I think is probably the ball we should keep our eyes on. Perhaps have a sign-in booth inside the festival grounds which matches the ticket number with a name (bring along the purchaser if part of a group) in order to be added to the “not a scalper” list.

aww and I was looking forward to the tattoo idea catchin on… sorry Sharky

I agree with FaceOnMars… No need for even more institutional bias.

I’m in the “seeing as everybody had a good three weeks to purchase, I don’t really see the problem” camp. It’s not like tickets sold out in two hours, and you simply didn’t have an opportunity to get tickets. It seems to me we’re in search of a solution in need of a problem.

    Well apparently some are grateful for their personal punctuality as well as supply of funds at the time of sale.
    I SAY KUDO’s to all of those who are in the “we got passes the first 3 weeks camp”
    … and shame on those who are in the" We got passes nannie nannie boo boo, sucks to be you camp"
    It seems that the mentally of some people does change a bit once they “know they are safe” because they have passes… but many are left without and it is a completely different mindset. It’s a sad depressing place some find themselves when they realize they are going to miss out on one of the greatest festivals around.
    I’m an energy auditor and spend most of my year in various countries with a schedule dependant on production, I’ve come close to missing a few times but I’ve fortunately made it… Being a repeat offender I can appreciate those who just don’t know if they can make it due to personal lives, children, work schedules, surgeries, recoveries, ect… there are many who wait and purchase passes after the Christmas crunch and for some after tax time… Solution… buy them for Christmas LOL.
    One may suggest just buy passes and sell them later if you can’t make it… works for some I guess
    Personally never had an issue getting passes up until last April. When, after an attempted scalping, CL scamming -$ , and a nice long 650mile drive to physically pick up a pair of tickets. I learned to be a bit more proactive as well (got my passes) but I recall 3 yrs ago purchasing them at the end of May with NO issues.
    Last yr sucked having to watch people standing outside willc all with fingers in the air begging for tickets when I know there were listings on stub hub and ebay for 1500 halfway into the show.
    They missed out for whatever reason… Empathy for blatant ignorance is not what I’m asking for but instead a little consideration for those who for whatever reason couldn’t purchase tickets and are still hunting…
    There are many…
    But duly noted… Lesson for all, Start earlier… and don’t expect understanding from some camps.
    On another note I am in agreeance with the idea of an elitist group seeming unfair however the suggestion of selling tickets in phases does sounds pretty good.

:thumbsup Right on, TRL.

I just love this lively thread. Bummer no tat ? Are you sure. How bout a bar code. :flower