2023 Town Park Pre-Fest Activities Planning Thread!

Yup - I’ll just recycle until I hear otherwise!

Awesome! Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Giles and I have still not been able to score any TP passes. We only have 4-day regulars. If you know of any extra TP tickets that anybody is willing to sell us, let us know. Otherwise, we’ll just have to see you out on the tarp.

See you at Old Settlers!!!

We’ll be at Friday Night of Old Settlers for ER! Hoping @Festival_Fred can save us a spot on his tarp!

Getting up front is a non issue. Much smaller crowds. We will be front center.
See ya next Friday.

Can confirm, we’ll do the Lampshade Fish Fry on June 13th starting at 1:30pm MST. This will slightly overlap the end of the Beer Share.
What we’ll have: Fried Catfish, Hushpuppies, and Vegan Cole Slaw. Please bring your own plate and utensil. We’ll keep Fish and Hushpuppies coming out of the cast iron fryer until it’s gone.
This is a two part event. We’ll also have all the tools and bells and whistles to make yourself a light-up Lampshade Hat, so you can join the Lampshade Parade and feel as cool as your going to look, and make all your neighbors jealous of your new fashion statement.
Here’s what you’ll need to bring if you want to make your own lampshade: 1 lampshade (suggested to find one that isn’t too heavy), a 15-30ft strand of USB powered fairy lights, and a cheap fedora style hat that the lampshade can be mounted on to, and a lightweight usb power source.

Before fest I’ll make a lampshade specific post but there’s that.


Awesome - calendar is updated!

The not-so-distant future became for more distant than I wanted it to be… Sorry! The recycled description is just fine and still fits. We still talk about the incredible grilled cheese that resulted from the Swedish Fish that Chef Stef was challenged with last year! Anything goes, and I know he is looking forward to making it better than ever!


And now I think about grilled cheese every time I eat Swedish Fish. :smiley:


Great job with the Calendar Lucas! Just checked it out for the first time, and got real excited. Dang there’s lots of fun stuff coming up! I should start a drug habit so these next few weeks fly by.


That fish is something awesome! Dont do it too late on Wednesday!!


:joy::notes::heart::+1: lol see you there.

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Erin, with this morning’s stress over with and nightgrass tix almost bought, we get on the fast lane to Telluride! You or Chef should post something about your event on how he makes magic out of almost any ingredient. I’m already thinking what I can bring and I bet many others are to. Let’s prime the pump!!


@Crawdaddy we’ll be doing the Fish Fry on Tuesday, come by after the Beer share!

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You know I will!! Cant wait to try your hush puppies!

we picked up a load of Quail eggs while in Texas this weekend! Saw @Festival_Fred at Old Settlers, and met some cool hardcore punk rockers that kept us fed on vegan delights all weekend at Punk in Drublic. Our Festivarian spirits have been primed and we are locked and loaded for arrival in TP as of yesterday morning! What a stress relief! I just ordered two “bags of Fucks” so get ready we’re going top make sure everyone has at least 1 Fuck to give!


Not sure what to make of that. Is that what they mean by a 2 bagger?

It’s just this really cool thing that one of the booths at the Punk Rock fest we just went to did. They have a box of cut out wooden “FUCK”'s and suggest you take two, one to keep and one to give away. So when you see someone having a bad day, or for whatever reason, you can say “I give a Fuck” and give them an actual “fuck”. We thought it was a very cool way of encouraging kindness, and showing strangers you care, by giving a fuck! So I ordered two bags of fucks to make sure our community can give a fuck too!


Wooden fucks? Is it a morning thing?