2019: Would you participate in a protest event in Telluride during Bluegrass?

If a well coordinated national protest event coincides with TBF, regarding the escalating state of affairs pertaining to investigations or perhaps a future unwarranted war we find ourselves roped into, would you spend an hour or more on the streets of Telluride to participate in the protest at the “expense” of missing said time inside the festival?

Wasn’t this poll taken a while back?
Did the old one get deleted or am I losing my mind?

New year, different “place” → new poll

I’m curious if the results will differ.

I have enough problems worrying about losing my own mind, so you’re asking the wrong person if you are as well :cheers

I love how you post a poll for a hypothetical protest. Hey FOM, take some bloody action and stage a protest. Then you’ll get your real answer. Aye caramba…

Last year’s discussion of this topic for those interested: http://www.festivarian.com/index.php/topic,31823.45.html

Are you offering to help?

Yes we did go through this last year and no I’m not eating the same warmed over soup.
Come on FOM just admit youre yanking at curlies waiting for reactions. :pipe

Are you suggesting the world is not currently teetering on a razor’s edge?

Razors Edge!!! SO LAST MOVEMBER masculinity toxicity issues been done.
you’re slacking here lil bro get with the times…
and take some more pictures dammit
the 1000 words they provide are far more palatable and downright pleasant than the bowl of fear-mongering left overs

The world is teetering. Existential crisis close to home (son teaches in CO mid-school) and far (real true extinctions). Live music is my lifeline these days, a great escape, a wonderful physical emotional spiritual release. And . . . attention must be paid. So yes if there was an opportunity to gather with loving attention to something crucial, I would be there.



Desperation calls for posting random YT links :evil

nice picture look how happy everyone is. :love

A wrinkled brow does not happen by chance

Was just talking with someone yesterday on the bench in front of the Coffee Cowboy about how if Lt. Commander Data (Star Trek) were to witness a coin flip; not only could he tell you the end result from the moment the coin left your fingers, but likely even prior to said moment … simply by observing patterns in your physical behavior and psychological state.



The person I was referring to appears on the unicycle at the 7:03 mark.


Thank you for expressing your thoughts! I definitely share your perspective about what music means to me. I think we’d all be preaching to the choir to one extent or another on this front.

I also “get it” about the escape aspect … in fact, seeing SCI over NYE was the last “escape” I’ve had of several days in a row & I’d be lying if I said it didn’t feel good not to worry.

I believe we’re definitely in a different spot than last year; people were rightly concerned not to jump to conclusions. Yet, we now have information that changes everything & casts an extremely ominous light on the state of affairs and the logical endgame.

I don’t blame anyone for wanting to recharge their batteries, but can’t help but wonder if the potential for affecting change from within communities that embrace music is significant and might help to make a difference? Is there not a reason that Green Peace, Environment Colorado, etc. blanket the streets during the festival?

Perhaps something as simple as everyone turning to the center of the crowd at a predetermined time might evoke greater awareness … possibly extending beyond the TBF if it catches on.

Team up with the Sustainability tent they will be all over it, but if you do plan something please invite all of us!

Can we please just leave the politics at home, and enjoy the f-ing festival??