2011 Collings D1A for sale at RockyGrass

I’ve got a 2011 Collings D1A to sell. I’ll have it at RockyGrass this weekend (on-site camping) if you’re interested in checking it out. Feel free to text me at 303-246-4873 for more info. Here are photos of it that I just took this morning..

I’m the 2nd owner and purchased it from Elderly Instruments in 2018. It’s in really nice shape and sounds and plays wonderfully. The inside of the case even still smells like vanilla! There is minimal fret-wear and it’s been kept in the case 100% of the time that I haven’t been playing it, along with the 49% Boveda Humidifier packs both in the soundhole and behind the headstock. There is a little tiny ding on the top, and a slight chip in the B string hole in the bridge (both of which were there when I purchased it). I have a JJB Prestige-330 pickup (super similar to the K&K) and it sounds great.

I have been playing it at the Taos Bluegrass pick and all the guitar nerds think I’m crazy for selling it, but I’ve realized that it’s just not the right guitar for me and am selling it to pay for a similarly priced Lowden. I’m not a strict bluegrass player and this should be in the hands of someone who is.

Asking $4500 (cash or Venmo works for me). No trades, unless it’s a straight up trade for that $150k 1924 Loar Gibson L-5 Archtop that’s for sale at Retrofret!