2010 TBF inlay Custom Martin HD28

Hi festivarians, been a long time since I’ve posted here. I own the 2010 Martin HD 28 built by Martin for the TBF with “Telluride Bluegrass Festival 2010” inlay. It’s a very fine guitar and I have played it, written songs on it, gigged all over with it (my band was in the TBF band competition in 2008, and it’s in great shape but I’m looking to let it go and I have no real idea what it’s worth. I know what an HD28 goes for in a shop of course but not this particular guitar since it’s one of a kind. Has anyone ever seen one of the TBF HD28’s on here and if so, what they are worth?

I think I’m going to call Telluride Music Company and see what they say as well, but I thought I’d post on this board first and see if anyone had any feedback. Thanks I’m advance for any feedback!

Any pics to share? I’d sure love to know what you find out, or what you sell it for. :thumbsup