2009 Lineup

Do we know which acts are 100% commited to TBGF '09. I know they haven’t announced anything, just inquiring.

I get excited thinking about Telluride. Can’t wait!! :thumbsup

Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Bela Fleck… :flower

Mr. Mayor I’m sure you’re hoping that your woman will come back this year too. :love

You betcha! :thumbsup :flower

Who’s your woman?

You must be a Festi-Virgin :lol

The answer is…

EmmyLou Harris :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :pickin :green

There are no words to decribe how happy I was with the RRE annoucement today!! :thumbsup

i would definetly like to see trampled by turtles at TBF 2009!!

they’re a barn burnin’ string band from duluth, mn, and they put on quite a show.

also, gillian welch and david rawlings.


Aloha from Kauai! We’d love to see Trampled by Turtles, Old Crow Medicine Show, the Horse Flies, Dawg Grisman, John Prine and Cornmeal! YEE HA! Hey, did you notice most of these bands have ‘food names’? or names of animals? kinda strange. We’ll be there! (The Happy Enchalata band)



I hear Keller Williams will be back. And a mid-west favorite of mine, Cornmeal!!

Awesome… Thank You… :thumbsup

SOLD! Sign me up!


I don’t know if anybody’s seen this. I checked out the myspace’s and it seems to be legit.

I would like to see Ryan Adams & the Cardinals.

That would really make me travel from Connecticut and get a babysitter for my son!

also, I would like to see & hear Bob Dylan.

Bela Fleck, sure! Just heard his holiday show in Fairfield, CT—so great!

Soulive. And many more. Citizen Cope.

Happy New Year.

So far it seems like …

* Blue Canyon Boys —
* Emmylou Harris —
* The Greencards —
* Jeff Scroggins —
* Jerry Douglas —
* Railroad Earth —
* The Steeldrivers —
* Zac Brown Band —

You must have not gone to the 08 festival, Ryan Adams was horrible, I love his music but his set was miserable

PLEASE, let’s not do that again…

(edited by Telluride Tom to include the quote - so there’s no confusion)

So far its amazing, but then again what else would it be, it is telluride after all