2009 Lineup announcement

I’m putting the finishing touches on the web page, but I wanted to share the news on the forum first. Here is the preliminary lineup for the 37th Annual RockyGrass (July 24-26, 2009)…

Steve Earle & the Bluegrass Dukes
Hot Rize w/ Red Knuckles & the Trailblazers
Earl Scruggs w/ Family & Friends
Del McCoury Band
Claire Lynch Band
Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper
Danny Paisley & The Southern Grass
Mike Marshall & Darol Anger w/ Vasen (amazing Swedish stringband!)
Darrell Scott Bluegrass Band
Three Ring Circle
Kruger Brothers
Sarah Jarosz
The High 48s
and many more…

We’ve still got a bunch of surprises to announce in the coming months. But we’re excited about how this has come together so far.

:hop :dance :hop

Nice work my friend…nice work!!!

Looks great so far!



Awritee. Now rest my son.

Dang Brian, that lineup is looking stellar!!!

You should totally ask the Blue Canyon Boys to play RG. They got robbed at the band contest IMHO. Greensky would be nice too. How’s about Steep Canyon Rangers and Ricky Skaggs!! Sounds good so far though, thanks for the update man.

Avett Bros’ would be good to… of course.

DAMN!!! Now I want to go to Rockygrass as well as Telluride but won’t be able to afford it. If something happens and I end up mising Telluride, I will be sad but will most definately attend Rockygrass. I LOVE Darrell Scott!!!

Has anybody thought about getting the Williams and Clark Expedition to play?

Please tell me me your bringing back Crooked Still ! ! ! :huh

Yes, yes, yes…the Kruger Brothers…doesn’t get any better than that!

:thumbsup Hey everyone,looks like Claire Lynch and The Wilders have been added to the line-up! Things just keep getting better!!! :cheers

Thank God for Rockygrass. :cheers

Blue Highway, Blue Highway, Blue Highway, Blue Highway, Blue Highway, Blue Highway, Blue Highway…

Strong harmony, I love em too!!!

Argh! Claire Lynch!!! :eek why oh why isn’t she playing Telluride!
I couldn’t afford both so settled for TBF, but I think I’ll have to give Rockygrass a go next year! The setting looks gorgeous…

February and I am sooooo looking forward to the end of July. Rockygrass is the show.

You know what? I’ve been thinking the same thing for the last couple of days :rolleyes :slight_smile:

RG is going to be awesome this year… Great lineup, Any thoughts on who "To Be Announced "might be? :cheers

Not sure but this lineup looks great. I wish I could go to all of the fest’s…and song school as well…it’s always torture and I’m sure PBG loves to keep us guessing… :medal

Who could be the surprise performance? Maybe a one-time Nickel Creek reunion? Allison Krauss and Union Station, maybe? I’m sure I need to pull my head out of the clouds, but lets get some names out there.

Who could it be, and why would it be a surprise? Has RockyGrass done something like this before?