Zone 1 Pass Required for Town Park?

Can anyone tell us what this means?
Zone 1 limited to 400 campers? We need an extra pass?
Do I want to camp in Zone 1? :rofl:
What kinda vibe is Zone 1?

Sorry I’m such a noob, I’m so dang excited I don’t wanna mess up my first time to Telluride after the two year anticipation! Lol.

I’m kinda a wanna be around the action until time to sleep then hope to find a bit quieter camping kinda girl - so I was thinking primitive anyway?

Kinda changes everything.

Howdy Folks,

You are receiving this email because you are an esteemed ticket holder of Town Park Camping ticket(s) for the 49th Annual Telluride Bluegrass Festival!


Town Park Camping Festival Tickets have historically allowed camper access to the Town Park Campground and Primitive Area, as well as the Open Space land to the south of Town Park Campground, known as Zone 1. This distinction is illustrated in the map below.

This year, the Telluride Open Space Commission has implemented new management strategies for the Zone 1 parcel, which includes several areas being closed for revegetation. As a result of this, we have been required to control the number of campers in this area, and limit it to 400 people. To do this, we will be creating a separate ticket for Zone 1, called a Zone 1 Add-On, that you must “purchase” (there will be no charge) in order to camp in Zone 1.
NOTE: Anyone with a Town Park ticket will still be able to enter Zone 1 to partake in jams, meals, etc, but they cannot set up camp there without the Zone 1 Add-On Ticket.

If you don’t plan to camp in the Zone 1 area, or don’t have a preference either way, you don’t need to do anything. However, if you do want to camp in the Zone 1 area, here is what you need to know:

The “on-sale” (remember this ticket is free) for the Zone 1 Add-On will be 10am on Thursday, April 28th, 2022. "Tickets" can be "purchased" here. 

You will need to “purchase” (did we mention it’s free?) one Zone 1 Add-On ticket per person that wants to camp in Zone 1. 

A Zone 1 Add-On ticket is only valid with a valid Town Park Camping ticket. The Zone 1 Add-On ticket has NO VALUE ON IT’S OWN. 

You will be able to purchase up to four (4) Zone 1 Add-On tickets per order.

Remember - fellow Town Park Campers without Zone 1 Add-On tickets will still be allowed to enter Zone 1 to jam and party, but they will not be allowed to set up camp.


There will be areas within Zone 1 that are closed for revegetation. This means you may not be able to set up camp where you have in years past. Please, please, please respect these closures so that we are able to continue camping in this area for the future.  
Town Park Campground opening times are changing. The checkout times for non-festival campers in Town Park have shifted to later in the day on Saturday, June 11th, so Zone 1 will have a different opening time than Town Park Campground Proper. Additionally, we will be utilizing a lottery system to control entry and keep things fair. 
    ZONE 1 Camping Lineup Lottery Begins: 8am on Saturday, June 11th (must have Zone 1 add-on ticket) - more info to come.
    Town Park Campground and Primitive (Including All Vehicle Spaces) Lineup Lottery Begins: 2pm on Saturday June 11th. MORE INFO TO COME 🙃
The Town Park Campground requires online reservations from the Town of Telluride if you plan to arrive before Saturday, June 11th or stay later than Monday, June 20th. The reservation system should go online in late April and is likely to sell out as fast as the Festival does. Updates will be posted here

There will be new lineup and load-in procedures for Town Park and Zone 1 this year. Keep an eye out for those in a future communication. Give us a holler if you have any questions. We can’t wait to see you in June!

The Folks on Planet Bluegrass
Craig, Zach, Amy, Geoff, Jelena, Natalie, Allison, and Grace



So is Zone 1 the best place to camp? I was kinda hoping I’d figure out where to camp when I get there - but this seems to throw a wrench in the plan. Feel like we’ve gotten excited for something that might not happen…

It was an email sent to Town Park ticket holders :frowning:

No. But it’s where many of us have traditionally camped. Other people create beautiful camps all over the multitude of fantastic sites in the non-Zone 1 areas. Those of us who call Zone 1 home, however, have some work to do.

If you score one of the ‘free’ Zone 1 Passes the Planet is going to hand out (only 400), you’re entitled to a spot in Zone 1 (the old Bear Creek Preserve) and with only 400 campers permitted to set up in there, you should find plenty of elbow room if you get one of those passes - and you could arrive later than the Saturday land rush and still get a decent spot - so maybe the silver lining in this cloud would that it’s a plus for late arrivals . . .

Anyone got a screenshot of the map?


(and thank you, Lucas)

I wonder if this will make the other areas more crowded…

10 a.m…Mountain Time?

Does anyone have a realistic idea of how many folks camp in the Zone 1 area on a normal year? I assume 12 and under still won’t require a Z1 pass. But, I’m guessing normally Bear Creek has 500-600 adult ticket holders. Maybe I’m wrong. 1200 total for TP is what I remember. My biggest confusion is who gets to put in for Z1 passes, only the ticket purchaser? Or anyone who has access to a TP ticket. As if what if. Joe Blow bought 4 TP tickets and sold 1 to Jimmy Jones, and Jimmy and Joe aren’t camping together, but they both want to be in the Z1 area, but Joe is part of a group and is wanting to use all 4 for his group, and jimmy wants one. Does everyone get to put in for 4, or just the original ticket purchasers?

What about ABGAT?

The thing that confused me a little is the “Zone 1ineup and lottery” part. So is it gonna be kinda like tarp run where you get a number? What does the ‘lottery’ part mean? Are they just considering the ‘sale’ a lottery? Or are they actually randomize for the land rush line?

Historically, I would say the primitive area, especially the clearing at the back of the primitive area, would be exactly what you are looking for. It’s pretty laid back and quiet at night, and you can still wander around the rest of camp for all the fun. I would think that would hold this year as well, but it’s hard to say for certain. However, I am fairly certain that if you are wanting a little peace at night, Zone 1 will still, even with the somewhat smaller numbers, be pretty active well into the wee hours of the night/morning so it might not fit what prefer. But, there really aren’t a whole lot of bad camping spots. As long as you don’t wait until Wednesday to come and get stuck by a porta potty you should be able to find a good spot. Especially in the primitive area. That back area has historically filled up a little later, but could fill up a little earlier this year with the changes.

Hope that helps a little. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how quiet anywhere in primitive is. That open field is where we like. You have to pass Cat Fact to get there. It was fairly rowdy in 2019. But, no matter what the rowdyness anywhere is, it’s well contained and harmless. Earplugs, or close to the river or creek are the only options to not hear festivarians in the wild while camped in TP. This will be our first ever TBF without kids! So look out primitive area!

Haha. It was probably rowdy because you were there. :lol :lol :lol

This is all very interesting.

I was actually in “zone 1” the other day and found it to be very difficult to enter … since there is fencing that extended perpendicularly from the Pavillion to the 3rd base line fence on the south softball field. I could only go as far south as the Imagination Station. All of the fences were tied together with wire … same goes for the fences on the 3rd base line) … so backtracked to the far north end of the campground and went around that way … but there was even some pilons with signs that said something like “construction access only” (there’s a new structure being built). I interpreted this to mean for vehicles, but at the same time couldn’t help to wonder if they want to keep everyone out of the entire campground?

I had mixed feelings about the revegetation at first, but do now support the general vision of restoring the natural state of affairs at what is effectively the start of Bear Creek at the base of the waterfall in TP … although aside from special protocols for TBF and other festivals, I’m not sure what the powers that be have in mind with respect to limiting access beyond the areas that are clearly roped off with blue tape? … it seems as though they’re seeking a balance, but still not sure.

So, are they going to allow folks to camp inside the hockey rink now? :evil

Ear plugs are the lifesaver for Cay and I. We go pretty hard so usually around the mostly contained debauchery. Nothing like getting into the sleeping bag in the early AM and hearing the noise go away when the ear plugs go on :lol