zip code in telluride

does anyone have the zip code in telluride?
trying to mapquest my way from st.louis . . .

think i found it
Telluride, CO 81435

Yes, it is 81435

Mapquest can steer you wrong, especially around these mountains! What might look to be the shortest route, doesn’t mean it’s easy, or even passable! Check with us locals if you have any questions on a possible route. Crested Butte and Aspen are just over the hill from each other, but ya can’t go over the hill, you have to drive AROUND it in a 4 to 6 hour trip, depending on the weather. (Unless it’s summer and the road is open that DOES connect them). I’ll be happy to help you, if you want.

use Google maps. Much more up to date than mapquest, in my experience at least.

…and take note/ do research on the path they give you as mentioned above.


i see that i can go on 70 to colorado springs. from there, what is the best way to get to the festival?

That time of year… 70 to 285 to 50… in Montrose take 550 south to Ridgway… take 62 to 145 and on into Telluride. :cheers

Tom’s route is the best from Denver. If you had a reason to go thru Colorado Springs, then the best route from there is I-25 south to 115 (Nevada) and take 115 South to 50 (Penrose/Florence), then 50 West (beautiful drive along the Arkansas River Canyon) to 550 S. in Montrose (left turn). From there, refer to last part of Toms navigations :).
Another option from the Springs is 24 West thru Woodland Park to 285 S / 24 W to 50 West to 550, etc. Its just a bit longer than the first route, but you do get to experience the vista into South Park from the top of Wilkerson Pass (neat rest area/gift shop up there, too :slight_smile: ).

Hope this helps.



So true! :thumbsup
Thanks Kevin. :medal

We to are coming to T-ride from STL ourselves. We will be coming the Tulsa/Santa Fe/Durango/T-ride route on the way out with the Denver/boring-ass Kansas/Hwy 70 route way back home. Feel free to contact us anytime. Go Cardinals!

I-70 doesn’t go to CO Springs. You have to cut off at Limon on 24.
You may want to check the route on 44 to Tulsa down to OKC to I-40 and out to Alb. then up 550 to Dgo (it’s across the res to Bloomfield and speed limit is like 85, but no cops so…), then 160 to Mancos, then 184 to Dolores, and finally 145 up to Telluride. It says it is longer, but I would be willing to bet you would make better time on that route.

We had a mapquest map last year and it had us turn off the main road and driving over cattle crossings and thru pastures, we finally asked a service truck for directions and he laughed at how off the path we were.

That’s hilarious! :lol And I’m not surprised. Sometimes though, when you take an unexpected or unknown turn, you just might see something phenomenal that you otherwise wouldn’t have. It’s always an adventure out here!
Apparently you made it, and had a good story to tell when you got here! (And I bet you know the RIGHT way to get here now)!

Are you a member of AAA? They put together a nice little travel package. We are members and can get a “trip-tik” for you Dayton. We are here in STL as well.