Your know you are a Festivarian when...

  1. Your spare bedroom is an air mattress and camp chair, and the guest water glass is a plastic Planet Bluegrass beer cup

  2. You almost faint when your blind date says: “I love bluegrass, especially B.B. King” (this really happened to me)

  3. You have a hard time a the local bluegrass show without the choice of Fat Tire or 1554 from the bar.

  4. At a party you find yourself asking: “If you don’t go to festivals, how do you know anybody here?”

  5. When somebody complains about Bush you are insulated, and talk about the wonderful interplay between him and Chris Brown.

  6. You sign up for origami to help with tarp folding skills.

  7. When running at the local gym you have bagpipes on your iPod.

  8. You wake with more clothes on then when you started to drink, and you aren’t sure who’s they are.

  9. A $2 medium temperature shower is a highlight of your day

  10. The only word you like to year yelled out, in song or verse, in the middle of the night is “Festival!”

Here is how I stack up:

  1. I use my cup EVERYDAY! :cheers
  2. I’ve got nothin close to that :frowning:
  3. That, and ya miss a swig from Hooch. Thx Hooch! :thumbsup
  4. I’m on the shy side, so most people don’t know me, yet. TBF is my therapy :butterfly
  5. Who? :wink:
  6. I’m inventing the “Unfurlin Lampshade” fold at this time…not yet perfected
  7. … and tarp rolls under each arm.
  8. once or twice. okay 9 times, but don’t tell. :secret
  9. I hope not
  10. O.k. :jester

This picture of your Telluride wristband (once blue with fish and a single layer!) is taken on August 19th and you continue to absolutely refuse to remove it. :wave

still on here too! the fish ones…

My God Folks !!!
into therapy with the Lot of yall!
:lol :lol :cheers :lol :lol
although my band stays untill I have Safely
arrived Home
The one year I took it off before
had a Flat Tire on the Popup in the middle of nowhere
Lucky enough a Big Rig tow truck stopped help me out
Turns out he was a Festivarain as well !

Your know you are a Festivarian when…

When going to the local camping store, to prepare for a backpacking trip, (which is nothing like Telluride) you actually consider your purchase based on the items value to next years festival.

Every show you see from the time you leave the festival is somehow just missing a little something.

You love being the only one at your local grocery store using a planet bluegrass bag to carry your groceries home.

When your fridge breaks after doing a bunch of groceries, you buy ice and fill up the 2 extra coolers that were given to you, by the strangers that flew in from North Carolina, bought a cooler or two ( or easy up sunshade) spent the week listening to great music, and became great friends. ( well they couldn’t fly with coolers)

Even though you’ve read it a thousand times, last years Festival program just made it into your bathroom and now you’re gonna read it 1,000 more times…

When no matter what the lineup, you’ll do your best to plan your year based on being in southwestern Colorado, right around the Solstice, every year, for as long as your on the green side of this earth.

You have already booked yer condo. :flower

… you have days that you think Music City (Nashville, TN) has a lack of good Bluegrass music. (O.K., it was 3 days in 9 months, but it happened :lol)

Auntie Hope :pickin :green

You want a big red wagon… :flower

your really concidering buying a CASE of Bacon.
pricing Trailers to Haul all your CHIT.
Festivarain Forum is the first thing you see when you open your Browser
your using your Tax return to buy MORE Chit …

YOu are looking to buy a new van just beacuse the old one may not make it anymore hauling the stuff to/from Telluride…

PS Anyone have a later FULL size van for sale?

… You have never in your life prepared ahead for anything more than a month in advance and you start preparing for the next years’ festival the day after the festival ends(and actually start saving money for it)

…many people, even in your hometown only know you by your festival alter ego

…You think it’s wierd to see Sam Bush in any other venue

…You trek through the knee-deep snow in the winter to visit Fred Shellman stage and pay homage

…You instantly like someone once they say that they’ve been to Telluride Bluegrass

…The best sunday sermon you ever heard was Vic Wooten in Elk’s Park in 2007

…The sound of a rocket ballon immediately makes you think about bluegrass music

…You have to tell your good friend you will not be attending his wedding because they planned it during Telluride Bluegrass.

…you start scanning craigslist each day for camping gear. (8x10 Lands End Cabin Tent, $30. !!!)

… your having a casul conversation one evening when you realize you’re giving a kick-butt musician advise about camping in Telluride (a Town Park ticket will get you the name :eek ).

… a funky disgarded garment gets saved to toss into the Free Box prior to the Free Box Fashion Show. :dance

… “reuse and recycle” is a prereq for any and all things as you build your collection of gear for FESTIVVVAAALLL!!!

… you ask Jerry Douglas, “so, you going to Telluride this year?” and you know it’s his 25th year. :wink:

You have pictures of Telluride streaming to your TV all the while really gettin down to some Yonder from Mountain Village Grinnin and countin the days

<------- Guilty!

you are cooking by Lantern light at the begining of Feb
waiting for your Town Parks Tickets to show up