You know you are there when.....

For so many of us, TBF feels like a long waited annual family reunion. I know there are so many things that make it what it is for all of us. So, to get us all even more excited while we count down the last days to TBF, I thought this could be fun…:woohoo :band :rock :hop

You know you are there when…

You get your first HUG from Tom

Since this will be our first…meeting most if not all of you that have been so helpful with advice!!! :thumbsup

You know you are there when…

You get one or more of the veteran campsites reserved during ABGAT. :flower

…when you see the waterfall.

i park the truck at the bathrooms and see your smiling faces, :hug :hug :hug

you are within KOTO FM listening range, or Marcus places the first welt on your back from being happy to see you

you hear “Blue Night” coming up that last stretch of canyon road…sigh. It’s a damn good thing we’ll be there so soon!

Coming from the desert, you know you are there when …you have to put on socks and a jacket because it is cooling off :cheers

Your first bite of a Killer Flank Steak

I have gps. :evil
it lets me know when i am there! :cheers

Oh you mean like a feeling…

The welcome to telluride sign! :flower

You get to the stop sign coming in from Mtn. Village, and you turn on Packing for Telluride.

I’ve said it before, if you don’t have to stop for pedestrians in town, the song ends when you pull into Town Park.

Somewhere in there the smile reaches all the way into my soul and takes hold.

I know I am there when :drive becomes a thing that is momentarily set aside. Where Laure and I can :dancing while the :jester are roaming about. When I have become :sunshine :clap

I see the waterfall, am overcome with excitement, and I forget about the world I left behind… my feet also uncontrollably flip their shoes off and rest themselves on the dashboard or open window - my hubby Keith is driving of course!

I come around the corner on the scooter and see the camps being set up.

You make it through Rico without getting …Busted
You see the Waterfall …coming down from Mtn Village
you walk into the Town park office …and they say Hi to you by name …blew me away last year
Pull into Town Park … wipeing the tears from my eyes …pull into OUR spot
grap a beer … and hug another Festavarian !!!