Yonder Wed Night Questions

Show starts at 9pm…just curious for those who have been, how late does this go?

Worth going? Our group is probably doing a nightgrass Thur and Fri, trying to decide if I should buy these or if we should rest up.

Opening YMSB show sold out…

Easy enough, someone can go ahead and remove this one.

It’s always a good time. doesnt run as late as the other nightgrass shows. the room gets pretty hot in there but there is (sometimes) room near the back/the doors that is cooler.

the ride down on the gondola is quite…the experience.

We’ve gone every year that we’ve been at the festival and I’d definitely say go. In fact, just bought our tickets a few minutes ago. Of course its not nearly as intimate as the Sheridan shows but it usually has a great energy… large crowd, people and band amped to start festivating. We’re bring our 11 month old to her first TBF so this will be the only nightgrass we see but we’d be going anyway.
I don’t recall exactly when it has finished in the past but, in time for everyone to file out and have plenty of time to make the last Gondola.

Is this a standard two set Yonder show?

Yes, it’s a standard 2-set show. It will run until 12 or 12:30. They’ve got some of the fanciest bathrooms that you’ll ever come across on Yonder tour.

Our crew might have a few extras if you want to go, ok01…

last year Bela Fleck played the first set with Yonder, and Sam Bush played the second set … you can stream or download the show on archive


way up on the hill where they do the boogie is a fun way to kick off the festival ! get there early for FirstGrass :slight_smile:

found a few more Yonder Telluride shows on archive, for your listening pleasure:












Yep, standard 2 set Yonder show. We’re bringing our 5 day old to his 3rd concert experience.

Remember about 6 years ago when Drew Emmitt played the whole second set?? That was pretty amazing - one could only hope that would happen again!!

This show is usually one of my favorite parts of the festival! Gondola rides, special guest appearances, and just a wonderful way to kick off the festie! :thumbsup

Missed the boat :huh anyone have extras?

There are always extras to this show floating around. Ask around camp when you get to town or just head over on the free gondola and someone will be selling extras. The first year I went, my brother bought my ticket as the final repayment for his four day pass that I paid for the year before. It was him, his girlfriend and me. When we got to the door, they only had two tickets under his name, so he bought a third from someone out front, It wasn’t until after the show that night that we realized his girlfriend’s ticket was under her name.

That was hands down the best Yonder show I’ve ever seen, too. 2009 Telluride Conference Center.


A good friend of theirs passed away a few weeks before the show, so the dedicated it to him. The energy and love behind every song and solo that night brought tears to my eyes. It was absolutely beautiful.

That 2009 was amazing, for sure!

AMEN! :cheers

For those of you thinking of bringing your kiddos…it gets REALLY HOT and REALLY CROWDED…they pack them in there. Drinks get spilled, the “smoke” gets thick. Not sure if it’s a good idea for the over “21” crowd much less little ones. If you do decide to bring them, make sure you have good earplugs for them.

:huh if it’s not a good idea for the over 21 crowd then who do you recommend attend? :lol

The 2009 show was pretty special. One of their ‘original’ fans, I think his name was Sandy, and long time taper had just passed away and in tribute they recreated the first set from one of the early shows (November '99 I believe) that he had infamously recorded and passed back to them. Really cool to hear some old songs that don’t make the rounds anymore and you could tell that there heavy but positive emotions coming from the band. And yes, they’ve had great guests everytime we’ve seen them up there.

We’ll be one of the ones with a baby at the show. I think you just need to approach it differently. It our experience, the rearward side doors are usually open and you can slip out pretty easily. The huge wrap around lobby makes it easy enough to get away for a bit if it gets to be too much inside for any reason.

Missed the boat on this one :argh…was so on top of the other Nightgrass shows (which I didn’t get) that I forgot about this show. Anyone with extras please contact me…I know this post is in the wrong section but since I’m here :hug

Ha Ha!! I was referring to how hot it gets in there for the over “21” crowd. It’s a blast for sure. Great, great way to start the festival. Have been going for 9 years now but I did skip last year because the year before was so hot and they wouldn’t open the side doors. I’m going to give it another try this year since F.O.M. said it was under new management.
Yeah, I might need to look at it from a different perspective with the kiddos, maybe I’m being over protective :flower
Being a nurse and all that…so, if you need any help!!!