Yonder starting line?

Okay, so I’ve seen YMSB a handful of times and I’ve never “gotten” it, exactly. I mean, Jeff Austin sitting in with RRE blew me away twice as much as any Yonder show I’ve ever seen … but in Festivarian form I’m interested in second guessing myself. Does anyone have any suggested starting points for this band? Songs? Albums? Shows?

I’m hoping y’all die hards can help me “get it”. :slight_smile:


listen to their album Elevation it’s one of my all-time favorite albums. after that i think you’ll get it a bit. IMO, Yonder isn’t a band that’s full of the best musicians, though Adam’s an incredible guitar player (and don’t get me wrong, they’re good), but their songs are more fun than other bands. maybe i should have just said listen to Elevation.

I really dig their 2007 TBF main stage performance. You can listen/download it here: http://www.archive.org/details/ymsb2007-06-23.mk4.wcm660.flac16

Let me know what you think

I’m going to say stick with something live. Their mountain tracks live albums are great. Try mountain tracks #1 or #2. I wore those out.

I have a great recording of a two night stand at the House of Blues here in Chicago that I would be glad to post on here once I figure it out…lemme take a shot at it…some epic stuff! :slight_smile:

Might of already heard these. Just a few from Telluride but all worth a listen. Enjoy.

Sheridan '07

Sheridan '08

Sheridan '09

I love Mountain Tracks 2. Very fun, great set

Just listen to Town By Town about 10 times, then listen to Peace of Mind from Mountain Tracks 3 a few times.

This was the first concert of their’s I ever attended. I had seen them play the mainstage the year before and just didn’t get it then, either. Their beauty isn’t in superior musicianship (Ben and Adam are both excellent but Jeff and Dave are closer to mediocre). It’s in great song writing and being able to play with each other better than many bands who have been together for 30+ years. Their transitions are air tight and they throw a GREAT party. They went from being a band that I was apathetic towards to being one of my top 15 this night and they’ve only worked their way higher since then.


Jeff and Dave mediocre? Maybe in your ears, I personally would have to disagree with you. Lotsa good stuff out of String Summitt Here are two. The second has a nice little Salmon reunion where they come on and gradually Yonder fades off stage leaving only Salmon



Here is 09 Conference center. “The Sandy Alexander Show” very sad story behind the show and so well played.


Earlier this year a student of mine had died and we went to his memorial in the morning then off to Yonder in the evening. I requested Going Up online. They heard my request acknowledged the situation played the song, then a week later went to a benefit in Asheville for Lilli Trippe and got a big ol hug from Jeff Austin, He came up and new who we were without us saying anything and had a nice conversation. Read an article that states that they make sure that their crew has full medical and other benefits to take care of them. Not only are they great musicians, but also greater people.

I remember hearing that story about your student, maybe on PT or something.

These guys can bring it when they want to, just like any other act, sometimes they get out of their groove a bit.

“though Adam’s an incredible guitar player”

One of the best pickers around, the guys hands are like lightning.

here’s a soundboard from fly me to the moon in 2001…
pre ‘lotto/sell out in under an hour’ era yonder :wink:

stream/dwnld show:

This is the show that started it for many people around the front range.

First time I.saw them was on the tride stage about five.fests ago. Jeff was happy cuz the Cubs had won that day. After the show I.went back to Town.Park but saw a little.crowd.right outside.my.tent. it was Jeff having his photo taken with other festivarians. I.said hi as I was passing by, when he said “hey, nice hat.” I.was.wearing a Harry Carrey Cubs hat. That began a 45 minute baseball discussion. People kept asking for photos and autographs and then we’d get right back to baseball. it was really fun just to hang out with a guy who had just wow’d me from the stage. Nice.guy!

They really are nice guys. When watching some musicians, you get the feeling that they’ve got an ego and they feel they deserve to be on that stage and they deserve our respect and our attention. With Yonder, I get the feeling that they’re honored we come out for their shows. It feels like they’re really grateful that we let them do this for a living, because without fans, musicians go no where. They are humble and friendly and truly appreciate the respect that we have decided to give them. They don’t act like they’re any better than their fans, and that makes them pretty special.

This show is definitely my favorite of all of the shows I’ve play-tested so far. Thanks for the suggestion – they rip on this one!

What is the YMSB starting time for Weds night ?

Doors at 8:00, show at 9:00