…W/ FREE GREENSKY BLUEGRASS following Yonder in the Halo Bar connected to The Pageant Theater (2 sets starting @ midnight) :clap

Wonderful Venue! Have FUN!!! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :pickin

Yeah we’ve been there several times. It’s only a few hrs from home :thumbsup Now as for Nashville the night before, I have no idea what to expect(except for :vibes multiple guests) . You ever been to City Hall in Nashville Auntie H???

Just barely inside. I took a look before walking across the street to The Station Inn to see Tim O’B. Just to rub it in a little more… Keller Williams was playing that night at City Hall. Yeah, tough choice… I know, but I had seen Keller a few times lately… and it was Tim!

Auntie Hope :pickin

Hell, i’d hit Tim O too…I’ve had my fare share of K-dub :thumbsup

city hall is not my favorite venue in the world, but its ok. its a bit like Bogart’s in Cincinatti if you’ve ever been there. sound is not the best in the world, but its just the right size for bands like yonder and such (i.e. not too crowded). the floor is flat, so you need to be near the front to be able to see. i love going to shows to watch the musicianship as much as to hear the music. good bar though- they sell Yazoo beer (i recommend Dos Perros)! i’ve seen yonder in nashville many times, and at city hall only a couple of times and the guests are always muy bueno. last year Darol Anger played the whole show with them and futureman sat in on the second set along with Jeff Coffin (also from the flecktones). that’s the great thing about shows in nashville, you never know when sam bush, del & ronnie mccoury, todd snider, or insert great name here, will show up.

wish i could catch one of the shows with fishman on drums, even though YMSB has always said they would never have a drummer. wish i was going to make it to the nashville show, but I have to get my house ready to sell so I can move - blah!

Thanks for the info on the venue Sgoodnight. I wondered what the sound would be like. Seeing how it used to be a warehouse. None the less…should be a great time! I’m really hoping for some nice guests!

you hitting up Yonder in Columbus on Wednesday Pear?

We’re seeing Tim O B in April. Love his shows!

No, I wish were though. I was gonna hit C-bus > STL…but payin for our t-ride condo got expensive!! :lol Plus, I’ve seen them w/ Fishman, and even though it’s a good time… It’s just not the way I like my YONDER. I’m sure it’ll be a great time though…so go and have a ball! They always bust it out really good in C-bus.