ymsb 4/12/2008 spokane, WA (matrix)

I’m passing along the announcement Pastor Tim did, as I could never outdo it (and he doesn’t even need spellcheck)

Jeff Austin:
“Do not miss the highly anticipated first 20 minutes of the show…”

Hey, folks –

As promised, part deux of the Off The Map weekend that Paul and I recorded
two weeks ago. This time it’s the Spokane show in a matrix that sounds
even better than Missoula, in large part because The Big Easy had a flown
rig (PA suspended above the stage) instead of the on-the-deck stacks used
in Missoula. Paul’s done his deft mixmaster work on this one and it’s
still got me smiling ear to ear.

I won’t tell you a lot of details because this time I included The Story
in the text file and I think the show speaks for itself, but I will say
that it was really fun to meet up with a bunch of the Seattle folks we
normally only get to see when we’re at String Summit: Steve & Jill,
Littky, Lexx, along with Rod & Mary who were just days away from heading
to Argentina… THAT’S why you haven’t heard from them lately! Anyway, I
digress, as usual. The show’s the thing, and Mssrs PR & +PT assure the
public their production will be second to none. And of course, Harry the
Horse dances the waltz.

If you’re using FTP (and if you’re not I have to ask how come???) it’s as
easy as directing your FTP client to the following access at tapers.org:

site: www.tapers.org
user: ftp4all
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file: ymsb2008-04-12_matrix.flac16

And if you prefer the short & sweet mp3 versions:

mp3s one at a time:

mp3s all in a zip file:

Or if you’d prefer to go via Bit Torrent, it’s soon to be available at:
although I seem to be having some trouble starting that torrent so it may
not be up til later this afternoon.

Either way, Paul & I hope you’ll enjoy this recording as much as we
enjoyed spending the weekend together with a bunch of great friends we’ve
made over the years. And if you like the show, burn a few copies to give
to your friends or just some happy dancing soul at an upcoming show –
it’s still the best way to turn someone on to your favorite band. ENJOY!

  • Pastor Tim


April 12, 2008 (Saturday)
Big Easy Concert House
Spokane, WA

Source 1 (SBD): soundboard > xlr > Tascam DA-P1 (A:D pass-thru only) >
coax > Tascam DA-20 mkII (44.1 kHz) > PC via Audiophile 2496 soundcard >
Sound Forge 6.0 (minor edits, normalized to peak, fades added).
Source 2 (AUD): Marshall 2003s (RoyerMods) > Lunatec V3 > HDP2 (2448).
Matrix: SBD & AUD sources mixed post-show (normed & mixed, SBD favored
by 15%) in Sound Forge 9; tracked in CD Wave Editor > Flac Frontend (level
AUD recording and post-show matrix by Paul Rennix (prennix at gmail dot
SBD recording and matrix tracking by Pastor Tim (YonderArchive at yahoo
dot com).
With thanks to Ben Hines, the entire Wrecking Crew, and YMSB for the very
kind sbd patch.

DISC ONE [66.41]
Set 1:
01 tuning-banter 1.06
02 Peace Of Mind > 7.50
03 Two Hits & The Joint Turned Brown > 1.58
04 Whiskey Before Breakfast > 2.42
05 Two Hits & The Joint Turned Brown > 3.31
06 Peace Of Mind 6.43
07 Wildewood Drive 5.32
08 Goin’ Up [for N144JP] 4.31
09 Not Far Away [B.Galloway] 4.21
10 Ain’t No Way Of Knowing [S.Camp] @ 3.48
11 Left Me In A Hole 7.20
12 Fastball 0.59
13 On The Run > 5.25
14 Looking Back Over My Shoulder > 8.01
15 On The Run 2.54

DISC TWO [66.07]
Set 2 cont’d:
01 tuning-banter 0.47
02 Sidewalk Stars > 6.00
03 Ain’t Been Myself In Years 3.18
04 Mario Brothers banter 1.33
05 New Deal Train 5.13
06 Paul & Silas 5.25
07 Get Me Outta This City [D.Emmitt] 3.43
08 Follow Me Down To The Riverside * > 8.33
09 Girlfriend Is Better [T.Heads] > 9.31
10 Funtime [D.Barnes] 7.03
11 Just The Same # 5.19
12 Redbird 4.05
13 banter 1.24
14 Rag Mama 4.13

DISC THREE [33.37]
Set 2 cont’d:
01 Ida-NO! teases 0.57
02 Too Late Now > 5.14
03 Kentucky Mandolin ^ > 7.49
04 Steep Grade Sharp Curves 6.28
05 crowd 2.28
06 Death Trip [D.Barnes] 8.25
07 goodnite! 2.16

@ first time played without Shawn Camp

  • seriously wicked scary serial killer version: “woodshed… hacksaw…
    blue tarp… three very hungry dogs…”

Dave playing The Stump, his electric banjo

^ very different off-tempo intro; they’d been working on this on the bus
in Missoula

This was only the second time Yonder had played Spokane (04-13-2007,
almost a year earlier to the day), but this has quickly become one of my
favorite venues because of the great soundsystem, the hard-working
backstage staff, the fantastic lighting rig (Ted’s lights were
CRAZY-good!), and a beautiful room. When I first arrived to set up my
recording gear, Hines yelled “THAT’S who we need!” and promptly asked me
to exorcise the demonic influences that had been cast on the room the
previous night by some Norwegian death-metal band so I yelled, “Satan, get
the #$%^ out of here!” which got the crew laughing pretty hard. Hines
also pointed out that all the pentagrams, 666’s, and Devil Rules on the
sidewalk outside had been done in cute pastel pink and blue chalk.
The crowd showed up early and lots of old friends were meeting up on
the spacious dance floor that never got horribly crowded; somehow people
instinctively left room for others around them, although some of the space
may have been created because they didn’t allow drinks down on the dance
floor. Jeff wasn’t kidding when he said, “Do not miss the highly
anticipated first 20 minutes of the show” because the POM > 2 Hits >
Whiskey > 2 Hits > POM was a great way to kick things off and got everyone
dancing all the way to the upper balconies! I met quite a few folks who
were at their first-ever Yonder show, and that’s ALWAYS cool – great to
have new folks coming to check out both the band and the Kinfolk Family.
The other cool first set highlight was Ain’t No Way Of Knowing, a Shawn
Camp song they’ve only played once before (three years ago!) and never
without Shawn; here’s hoping this one is kept in regular rotation because
it’s a great song.
Setbreak: I can testify to the truth of the Mario Brothers banter
because while Ben may be One Slick Bastard at the game, Adam is Wicked
Awesome at effortlessly gaining levels. And you thought it was all wine,
women, and song backstage… HA!
Second set highlights included New Deal Train (LOVE this song!), a
sing-along Paul & Silas, and what has to be the scariest version of Follow
Me Down To The Riverside I’ve ever heard – seriously, was Jeff channeling
John Wayne Gacy or what?! [shudder…] – that went into a strong
Girlfriend and finished up with the first of two Danny Barnes songs of the
night, Funtime. The dancing continued in high gear all night long, and it
was easy to spot Rod & Mary tearing it up at dfc, but also very cool to
see Steve Littky dancing his butt off immediately to Rod’s left. One guy
(who I think I even remember from last year) weas holding up an
Idaho-shaped request sign throughout the show, and I guess he finally
worked his way up to the rail because you can hear first Adam and then
Jeff say NO! before doing a double-tease of the intro to the song which
I’m calling the “Ida-NO! teases.” Dude, next year come to Missoula! Too
Late Now > KY Mando > SGSC made for a solid 20-minute closing medley, then
off for a few minutes of someone STILL screaming for Idaho [chuckle…]
before we got a second Danny Barnes number to close out this night’s Death
Then I started cracking up when Hines started the post-show music
because clearly he was picking up on my earlier excorcism line – where
does that guy FIND these songs?! A good time was had by all but “get the
#$%^ out of here!” Too funny.
ENJOY! And while you’re at it, burn a copy and surprise someone with
a nice gift at the next show you go to; just look for someone dancing
their butt off, then slip up and hand it to them by saying, “You deserve

Much Love,

  • Pastor Tim (YonderArchive AT yahoo DOT com), April 20, 2008

FLAC fingerprint & MD5 signature included in text file…


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