Yarmony Grass

I am headed up to Yarmony Grass in a few weeks and really hoping to find someone with extra tubing tickets on Saturday. If anyone has extras, please let me know. I would be willing to make trades or pay cash.

Hey Trey,

We met in Telluride and it was nice to meet you. I went to Yarmony Grass last year and I just went down to where the boaters were getting ready to run shuttles and asked if anyone had room on their boat, and I got on easily with a private boat. I will tell you, if you have a cooler of beer or a cold bottle of tequila, and/or food you can contribute, you will have your pick of rides!

I wish I could go back this year. It was a BLAST! They had it last year the weekend after RG so I just stayed in Lyons/Boulder area until then and hit Yarmony on my way home, but this year since they changed the dates I just can’t make that long of a trip again.

You will have a great time, and I’m sure you’ll get on the river. Private boats are more fun anyway, cuz the commercial ones were loaded down. Shoot, you can go in an innertube or rent a duckie if you want to solo. Lots of folks did just that.