Yarmony Grass


Note Tim Carbone from Railroad Earth will be there, as will Bill Neshi formerly of String Cheese with him excellent band Honkeytonk Homeslice. A lot of of good Colorado jam grass people.

Another thing you can do for Labor Day, as if there wasn’t enough choices.

I’ll be there Saturday!

Sucks that I’ll miss Carbone and Wayward Sons on Friday, but I’ll be rolling up after a long night at Rollinsgrass. Really looking forward to that solo Nershi show in the early afternoon!


Hey, I saw that FestivaLink just released a two-volume compilation from this Festival:

Also, they’ve just announced the line up for 2008:

I had a blast last year and this lineup looks like it’s really going to trump it! Two nights of RRE, Hot Buttered Rum, Cornmeal – sign me up!


Think I’m hitting that as well. Even Honkeytonk Homeslice won’t scare me off! And hopefully this won’t be during a TON of other shows like last year.

I hear ya on the timing thing.

That said, last year’s insanity made for one hell of a weekend of music!

impressed with the lineup most definitely. also kind of cool its in copper having a condo in frisco and all makes it much much easier! :slight_smile:

Pretty bummed they moved it from Rancho Del Rio, haven’t been there since the Salmon fest.
But I guess staying in a condo in Breck won’t be so bad.


Just saw this for the Friday late night.

YarmonyGrass presents the Friday Night “Barn Burner” featuring Greensky Bluegrass opening up for Cornmeal.

Saturday is EOTO

At least that was the word on the PT boards.

Hey, Roach, where are the closest campsites?

supposedly there will be campsites somewhere in or just around copper.

Greensky Bluegrass are a must see! btw :thumbsup

Yes! What a lineup, no Absynth Quintet, but maybe next year. Stoked to see Hot Buttered rum again.