Wristbands for TP

i got my wristbands today and just wanted to be sure we were supposed to only get one band for TP/fest entrance. they are blue. i could have sworn i saw a post somewhere (on fb?) where the person had received a blue and a yellow band for TP, one for TP and one for fest, but i can’t seem to locate the post. if that’s the case, then we are missing a band…

It’s just 1 band (blue) for Town Park. Warner and Ilium would each have just 1 band (not sure what colors). Lawson would be two (one for camping, one for 4 day or individual day). If someone is staying in town, they’d just have a single 4 day (or individual days as necessary).

If you plan on camping in Zone 1 in town park, you’ll need to have your Zone 1 pass printed or on your phone to enter Z1. Eventually, you’ll exchange that for a separate wristband at the box office.


ahhhh, maybe it was someone who had lawson camping that posted about the two wristbands. Thanks so much! I do have my zone 1 passes printed, as well as all my night grass tix, and everything else! now to put them in a safe place and remember to bring them! :slight_smile:


It was someone who had both Town Park tickets and 4 Day passes, and was trying to determine which was which.

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