Wristbands at will call?

Got a wristband today, promptly fiddled with it, tightening it too much, while reading the postcard instructions to figure out why there was a postcard of instructions for a wristband. Now, it’s useless.

Postcard reads both “you get one shot” at the wristband, and “bring your barcode receipt to the box office for a wristband.” Can anyone confirm that bringing the barcode to the box office, as has worked for years, will work again this year for those of us who were too excited not to screw up this new fangled gadget?

If it’s the wristband with the hard RFID tag, your wristband isn’t totally useless. The RFID tag that they scan on the band is fine, you just need a new band. The barcode is for the off-site camping wristbands, vehicle passes, etc. or people who chose not to have their RFID bands sent in the mail. Just bring the band you received and they will make it work, which ever way is easiest for them.


Be sure to bring your ID and/or the credit card used to purchase the ticket to the Box Office - without one of those as proof that you bought the ticket, they cannot issue you a new wristband.
And if you bought the ticket from someone else, bring a copy of the purchaser’s Driver’s License and the last 4 digits of the card used to purchase the ticket! :thumbsup

Thanks Betcey!