World Cup 2010 veiwing

With the biggest game of the year so far (USA v England) happening on Sat 12.Jun at 12.30 MDT, I was wondering if anyone was going to be trying to watch it anywhere? Reckon Smugglers would be the go to place as it was in 06? Good memories of watching the early games in O’Bannons from 02!

see some of ya’ll tomorrow!

I was wondering what bars are going to be open for the USA v Slovenia game?? I think its a 8 am kick off mountain time and I am praying places will be open for this. Anyone have any ideas ?? Did bars open at strange times in previous world cup years??? If nothing is open I will be forced to go house to house looking for anyone watching this game… and waking up strangers at 8 am is something Id rather not do but come on its the WORLD CUP!

Came on here to ask about the Slovenia game on Friday at 8am…you guys beat me to it! :thumbsup

I’m sure O’Bannon’s will be showing the game.
The owner is a big soccer fan and opens at all hours just to show the games. :cheers

Tommy’s Telluride is a nice place to watch stuff, right next to Elk Park too and cheap drinks! :cheers

great. I had heard that it shut down for some reason.
530am at O’Bannons to watch Germany in 02. Good times.

Puff-Dahs! Give Blood, Play Rugby! :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol
No, really I think it was O’Bannon’s we watched the British Open last year or the year before. Nice little pub, if it is still there. :thumbsup
Think it was a block north of the main drag.

That’s south! It’s just north of the Village Market and what used to be Baked in Telluride until it burnt down. :flower

I watched quite a few games in 06 in town, as I was ABGATING and had the whole damn town to myself. Looking forward to a few more this year!

Talked to the bartender, Charlie, at Smugglers while having lunch on Saturday and he said he didnt think they would be open for the early game on Fri unless the owner suddenly decided to advertise it or something.

…Altho he did say it was ultimately up to him if he felt like coming in early to open the bar…

I’m all for some early morning soccer action. I just bet a nine year old neighbor kid that USA would win tomorrow and that Spain was going to take the whole thing. She’s pulling for Argentina. Gonna be a great month!



Tommy’s is no more.

OK, after today’s game against England we HAVE to gather the US troops together to watch the US vs Slovenia game next friday at 8:00 AM. UNITE & STRENGTHEN!!!

We need to win this game and sending some Telluride Bluegrass crazy engery just might help. Either way it’ll be a fun way to kick off a friday of festivation…

anybody in T-ride able to walk over to O’Bannon’s and see if they’ll be open for the games? I haven’t been able to contact them.

I concur Capt. It will be a great way to start our Friday. And even though we shouldn’t have won that game, however a goal is a goal no matter how it was scored, we should rally for the next game.

I’m in for the US match on Friday…just need a consensus on where!

I called O’Bannon’s today. The lady I spoke to said that they weren’t planning to open up Friday morning for the US v Slovenia game. She said that with the festival going on that people wouldn’t be interested in getting up at 8am to watch the game. I politely told her that was far from the case and they should consider opening up early that day. I relayed that I have 8 or 10 friends that would show up for the game and I’m sure that place would be packed if word gets around. She said she would pass it on to the owners.

Smuggler’s hasn’t decided if they are going to open up for the game. They would need to have another bartender come in that day and the guy that would be coming in is out of town. So he said to call back in a couple of days and he should have an answer.

Anybody know of another option in town?

Peeps should start calling O’Bannon’s and Smugglers to inquire about viewing so they know that there is interest out there.

And the phone numbers are:

Smugglers 970-728-0919
O’Bannons 970-728-6139

I volunteer to bartend! :cheers

My only condition is Jameson and Guiness are the only available items… :lol

I’ll keep checking here to see if we Soccer fans have a home come Friday.

I will be looking for a place to watch the game along with 5 other folks! I’ll gladly call both Smugglers and O’Bannons to let them know that the demand does exist. Honestly, I figure out of 9 or 10 thousand Festivarians, there’s GOT to be at LEAST 2-full-bars worth of soccer fans who want to watch this game. Honestly, I was thinking I might have to get to a bar early to wait in line to make sure my posse gets a good spot to watch the game.

Any updates? I’ll call the bars today as well.