Wisconsin "the great escape"

The full Whisko Bender Crew will once again be “gracing” the grounds of ol’ Telluride. If your from our great state (or if you are not) feel free to drop by at any time to have a warm PBR. Look for the Pirate, Wisconsin, Whiskey Flag. It will all make sense when you see it.


I’m super pumped that Camp Wisko will be back in full force this year! I actually doubt that much of the camp will make sense to outsiders unless you have consumed copious amounts of caffeinated malt beverages (Sparks) and whiskey. Even then it might be a little confusing, but know that everyone is always welcome to join us.

For those of you concerned that Camp Wisko will be low on Sparks after the recent tragic events, (Miller Coors announced they are canceling Sparks :mad ) know that I have been buying up all the cans available in the great State of Wisconsin and will be making sure that TBF is does not go Sparkless.

(A special thanks is in order to the lovely group of ladies that held camp Wisko together last year when many of the rest of us were unable to attend.)

I’m pumped already!

Hey! Hoping to see some new faces from our great state. What camp grounds?


Wisconsin huh ? I live 70 miles south of Telluride and wonder about moving to Viroqua, WI in the SW corner. Any of you know what it is like there. How close to bluegrass concerts, festivals, music lessons, jams? Is it humid there?

Yep- humid there -good for the skin as you get older, though. I’m about an hour up river in Wabasha, MN - we have a little fest - FatFest - just getting started - not all bluegrass, but Hot Buttered Rum, Cornmeal, Trampled by Turtles you might like. Madison WI has a good bluegrass scene - jams, concerts etc. but you’re probably about 1 1/2hrs away. We’ve got Harmony Park & LogJam fest in MN & Porcupine in MI if you’re willing to go 4-5 hours - 10K & Rothbury a bit further.

Non-music notes - the mighty Mississip is beautiful in that area. Organic Valley is right by Viroqua (one of the TBF sponsors) - awesome company.

Viroqua is a pretty good place to be!

Wisconsin is an awesome state to live in! Viroqua is located up in the La Crosse, WI area over near the Mississippi River. There is a couple really good bands in that area, namely the Smokin Bandits, Fat Maw Rooney, Trampled By Turtles, and many more. As far as festivals go…there is some nice ones. There is the Bandit County Fair, 10000 Lakes Fest, Larry Fest, Feel Good Fest, Northland Fest, Log Jam, and many many more. You certainly would be in good hands from a musical standpoint. You’re also not too far from Minniapolis, Madison, and even Des Moines when you are in Viroqua.

Laws not to friendly in those parts!