:wave I couldn’t wait so i signed up for Wintergrass and wondered if anyone else is going from the Nashville area. I would love to ride out in the middle of the snow through the Rockies…no, well I will probably fly, but who knows…Spring Creek is playing and I am pretty into them now a days…
~always hear~

riding out through the snow in the Rockies can be a beautiful experience, unfortunatley, it can also be pretty hair raising, if you run into winter storms. :drive

Snow? SNOW?! I just returned from the Western Slope and there was nary a snowflake to be seen!!

I agree that although it is a beautiful drive in the winter, driving can be white-knuckle at times… especially through Vail… :drive (he’s smiling, but he has white knuckles!)


Speeking of Spring Creek & Wintergrass, I’ll let it out of the bag. New album produced by Sally Van Meter set to be released @ Wintergrass. Spoke with Alex about a week ago. Most songs worked out, including 3 new banjo tunes by C-bob!

oh yeah, You might consider driving through Montana (if you go the driving route) and catch some of big sky, big grass @ big sky montana. Crooked Still, Infamouse s-dusters, tim o’brien & more. Here is the website, although they don’t seem to update info too regularly.

anyone going to Wintergrass should make sure to check out The Packway Handle Band.

They are one of my favorites. :love

Right on Dustin!
They were one of my favorite bands that visited the Ol Western Last year.