Will probably be late to my own funeral

Hi All…I’m new to Colorado :wave (and I’m a very polite driver, …you’re welcome).
I’ve never attended Rockygrass before so I checked out the lineup.
In doing so, I noticed the Rockygrass Academy and thought…heck yeah … guitar class!

Then the stark realization… I’m so late to the party and all the classes are full.
The fine print says check back in the spring for a possible cancellation.

Does anyone have a feel if spots actually do open up? How would I know and how do I get in?

I’m barely proficient on fiddle, mando and banjer so I’m assuming No Novices in those classes.
It’s guitar class or bust I guess…

(Edit: I think I may have found the answer: “Any spots that do become available will be offered in our “Returned Ticket Resale” on Tuesdays at noon.”)