Wildflower Concert Series 2007 Finale - Michelle Shocked

This Saturday, 10/20.

Iconoclastic Americana singer-songwriter…
Michelle Shocked

* 7pm doors / 8pm show
* All-Ages
* Tickets: $20 advance. Will-Call only.
* Tickets are available now. Online only from [url=http://shop.bluegrass.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=81&products_id=736]shop.bluegrass.comshop.bluegrass.com[/url].

…it should be a magnificent end to what has been an incredible inaugural series. Thanks to those of you who have helped make it just that. :cheers

Michell Shocked played here for the Different Tempo Series that is part of the Strings In the Mountains music festival. I’ve only heard stories, two different sides. My friends who there thought it was funny and, the normally classical listening starch shirt high dollar patrons got really honked off and for the first time in Strings History there was a mass exodus of people demanding their money bank. It’s still the only time in it’s history that Strings happily obliged. A lot of the suits were regular contributors and season ticket holders. :thumbsup I guess she launched into a rather graphic anti-war diatribe. She will never play the tent again. Go Girl!

Go Rockies!
Go Red Red Sox!

Allow me to clarify. I like Michelle Shocked, this was more a commentary close minded, uptight, Strings patrons whose classical sensibilities where offened by some one who was speaking her mind. Michelle is a great performer, buy tickets go see. I wish I could.

Make sure to dress warm, everyone. We’ll have the heaters going full blast…but an extra layer or 3 should help fight what looks to be a chilly evening.

See you all tomorrow. :wave

(and if anyone asks, we will have tickets available at the door…same price. :cheers)

First Time Poster Here - :wave

Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the Michelle Shocked show saturday night. that was something special. The power goes out, she starts the show anyway. What a voice she has! Magical night.

This is my favorite venue now - can’t wait til next year.