Why can I not log in on with my original account?

Hi, something odd has happened with the upgraded site. It no longer let me log in, said my user name was wrong and password not recognised. Was same one I’ve used forever. Have had to create a new account to post. Any idea what’s going on team?

I had a similar issue. Try logging out of this account, and on the login page hit “skip the password, email me a login link”. From there I went in and changed my password back.

Does that work?

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I had the same problem. My username use to be Festival Fred. Looks like they added “_” between Festival and Fred. So now I’m able to log as Festival_Fred.

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Everyone will need to create a new password for this new forum! You’ll be able to request a new password using your email.

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Yes. That worked, thanks so much


Yes that worked, thank you

what happened to messages? All mine are gone or else I just can’t find them. There were some on there from friends who are no longer with us and I would have downloaded them to save had I had a heads up that it was changing. Where do we send/receive private messages now? Did the festivarian ratings go away too? I liked being a 420.

Hey CL - They’re in the process of switching things over fully but I’ve been told private messages will still be accessible eventually (by logging into the old forum).

To send/receive private messages, click on a username and hit “message”. I’ll send you a test now!

Festivarian ratings and the applaud/smite system are goners though.

It’s strange that we have to start over after being on this forum since the beginning. Seems silly to have to earn badges to prove your popularity.

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Hi Cindy!

All of the private messages were too large to be transferred over. However, you can find all of your old private messages here: old.festivarian.com

I hope this helps!

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yea thanks. I don’t like the new format so probably won’t be engaging like I used to.