Who's Ready to Go Again?

:bandokay im so ready for next year to see all my krazy hippies, tehe. and really guys? bacon thong? i swear what and am i going yo do with yall… lol :hop

I am definitely ready, I didn’t go this past year and feel like I am in a horrible state of withdrawal. I don’t want to miss another TBG again. :frowning:
I’m planning to go to Telluride in September, I need my T-ride fix.
Beth :thumbsup

Yeah, I could go right now! Real life isn’t always so fun and entertaining.

New Truck !
We are In !

I could go right away!
In fact, considering how heart wrenching it is to leave, why don’t we avoid all that grief and just stay for an all-year-round TBF?

I once did this and stayed for a few years…
one of the “better” decisions i’ve made in this vida loco
It is always a treat to return to this beautiful place
and necessary…
so looking forward to next year

Still doing th ecountdown for next year!!!

Days: 226
Hours: 11
Minutes: 16


Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

Note: Countdown is for Central Time US ONLY!!! :wink:

Jailhouse Boys are in! Already planning and making menu’s.
Can’t wait!
:cheers :thumbsup :cheers :thumbsup :cheers :thumbsup :cheers

New car, check
custom tutu, check
tent in good condition, won’t need a new one, check
seven months to go… :eek

I sure hope you’ll do the Eggs Benedicts again. That was SOOO good and you guys pulled it off spectacularly!

Now where is your camp so I can see yer tutu :flower

Woot, Woot…in the front yard!!

Yeah, we’re ready. The smallest kid said I hope we go to Telluride soon while we were drivin’ to Phoenix to the family’s home for theTurkey Day Feast. During his part of the blessing he said he’s thankful for Telluride and wants to go. So i checked him off today. Two more to go and we’ll be packin’

I missed everyone last year. Can’t WAIT to come home in 2010! See you there! :cheers

Do the other two actually get a choice? If the baby’s in, everybody’s in! :lol

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

Started Cleaning out the Gear today …Lists are starting we need two need Coolers …Arghh
Gotta Love this Stuff !

Tickets go on sale a week from tomorrow. I got my credit card ready.

my iphone tells me 194 days…but we will be their on tuesday…can’t wait!!!