Who's Here From What Town Park Camp?

I’m just curious, I have things to do per camp and I’m wondering, who’s here from any of these camps?
Are you representing? Where’s Hurricane M? Any Arizona Bowl-Camp Billy, Steamboat, Mash folks here?

I know Run A Muck has a presence. Camp Get Enough - That’s us. What about Wander’In? Are you’all lurking? Duck Tape Man is here somewhere (he’s too hard to keep track of, he’s probably drinking somewhere. Did I say probably?) Maple Alley (got that message, will change image). My delightful man friends from Totally Lit have been in too. Who’s missing?

Great design, Courtness. You rock.

Fishbone checkin in. Thanks for your beeauutiful work Courtney!

Wow, Lorax. I didn’t put 2 and 2 together.

Thanks, C

Representin’ the freaky Tiki’s here, I’m a newbie on this thing. Lovely design Courtness! You’re such a goddess!

Kamp Duktape checking in

I guess Town Hall may as well check in. :cheers

Run-A-Muck… Please Click “quote” and add your name to our list!

:wave Hi! Courtness! Great Idea! Can’t wait to see Everyone! :flower

Auntie Hope :pickin

:wave Run-A-Muck NPA (non-primitive area) Checking In !!!

Run-A-Muck’s “Utarpia” branch checking in.

I think we may be consdiered a “subsidary” branch of Wanderin

Wander-In checkin’ in :drive

I’m back! I’ve miss and love you, Courtness…and, of course, I love that most fabulous design. When are you coming to Flag-town? Get a map, sista’ goddess!

I told Lara I’m headed out to Flagstaff, Utah right? Nice to see your comment here. I think we’ll turn this design into flags. Did you check out the motivator thread. It’s my favorite. Well, aside from you!!! OMG wait til you see the mad toe job supplies my roommate gave me for my birthday. I’m so happy that I might just get to cleaning out the garage because all my camping stuff is behind all my CRAP (shhhhh don’t tell anyone I said crap).

See you soon.


Hello Miss Courtness,
We are the unofficial un-named group that camped next to you last year, Kenny/DeAnne, Kit/Talon/Santo, Roach/Brooke/Koby, Me and Buddha and lots of others. We are here and happy to be heading to the festivaaaal.
Beth :wave

I thought you looked familiar, now it’s all coming back. It looks like things are shapin’ up to be a very cool year. Kit/Talon said they might not make it this year. I can’t imagine it without Camp Camp. I hope they change their minds.

. Kit/Talon said they might not make it this year. I

Oh, I hope they make it… Matthew has been talking about hanging out and fishing with Talon for months now…

Anyone know if there are going to be any other preteen boys around?

You guys should officially name your camp this year.

My vote is “Watermelon Junction”


Garry here from the Maple Alley.

I’ll check in on behalf of the Steamboat boys…

can’t wait to see you all… soon…so soon…