Who said "Hold the Mustard"

OK, so I’m technically listed as a “Newbie” (although I have been to three festivals, the first being in 1987, but I was really sad that Pastor Mustard was not there for the festival this year. I missed the guy. It just was’nt the same without him. What happened to him.

He resigned/retired!

there is a thread under Telluride about Pastor Mustard. (it’s on about the 4th page now)The “Pastor” himself submitted this:

[i]My client Pastor Mustard will have his website up before the Telluride Bluegrass Festival #34.

You’ll find his official statement there at www.pastormustard.com
It should be made clear, however that Pastor Mustard did not retire. He resigned.
The Pastor thanks you for your kindness and blesses you continuously, 24/7.

  • Dan Sadowsky[/i]

and I will tell you that I suprrsed myself. . . I did miss him. Even though the introductions of the bands were good and I didn’t miss the schtick, I did find mysel missing the reminders and announcements that the Pastor made. While I would rather have “tweeners”… I also think the general announcements are importantant.