which campground should I choose (lawson hill v. Illium)

Hi! We are new to the festival this year, and are wondering whether Lawson hill or Illium camping is right for us…
Which site has more of a party atmosphere? Where do the families typically camp? Which site would you reccommend for us? (we are in our mid twenties, and would like to be with a younger, more rowdier crowd if possible)
Thanks for your help, and see you there!
Joshua and Bridget

Sounds like you belong in Town Park. :wink:
I never camped at the other sites, but from what I’ve heard Ilium is more family oriented. :cheers

From what I’ve heard from people who have camped there, the Lawson Hill parties get shut down early, since it’s in such an enclosed area. Illium allows fires and people stay up late drinking and picking around the fires.

I think this is closer to the truth.

I’ve got a few friends who swear by Illium. She and her sisters don’t even bother with Town Park…they love the parties, people, and atmosphere of Illium.

I’ve never stayed at lawson, but i’ve camped at illium the past 3 years. If you like rivers, trees, mtns, and good people stay at illium. If you like cramped, sun-baked baseball fields, stay at lawson (i assume the people there are as equally good as those at illium!)

see the thread below.

Illium campground

Illium all the way…raging til sunrise…pretty sure someone even rolled a keg down a few years back. heh.