Which bike for ride into town?

We’re camping at Lawson Hill and understand that there is a bike path into town. The ride is described as 4 miles of gently rolling hills. Can the ride be done by someone that doesn’t ride a lot on a 40lb. single speed cruiser bike? Or, should we bring a geared bike? Geared bike is the “safe” choice but our cruiser bikes have the better vibe.

I’d go for whatever is easiest to ride, especially after the show if you’re tired, slightly inebriated, etc. It’s all downhill from Lawson to Town Park, albeit not terribly strenous.

Also, my advice is consider which bikes might allow you to strap some gear on them, that’s the way to go!

I’d go single speed and throw a basket on it!

The cruisers all have baskets or coolers attached

Cruiser with baskets is the move. You are good to go!