wheres the party at?

Hey, I was just wondering if theres any festivarians out there that are planning on having a more social campsite, hopefully some big jam sessions and the like :slight_smile:

I’ll be camping at Lawson Hill with three of the greatest pickers from Az… Nathan and his bro are already there. He brought his guitar, mando and upright bass, as well as more (just can’t remember)… His bro Tony also plays geetar… Mando Nate & I will arrive on Weds with his mandolin as well… We shouldn’t be hard to find!
:cheers :band
~ Where you camping at?

Right on, we’ll be at Lawson too, definitely ready to get down, hope to see you there.

i can’t wait planning a big jam when we roll into town :pipe2 :band

Sounds good, I pick the mando and my buddy who’s coming with me plays guitar and banjo. Were stuck camping at the highschool, so I’m sure we’ll be scoping out lawson and town park for places to pick where we won’t be scrutinized for drinking beer and occasionally yelling things like “hot damn!” and “welllll glory!”

i smell deuling mando’s

Can I getta “FUCK YEAH” for dueling mandos?!!

:band :dancing :band

Fuck ya !

Yeah Fuck! :huh

Heres a big “FUCK NO!” for breaking my wrist yesterday, so who wants to do my crosspicking while I man the fretboard?

Ouch !!!
oh that soooo sucks !!
I got just the cure a morphine drip
and a fifth Of Jack Daniels !!!

if someone gives me a morphine drip I’ll play blackberry blossom until my Ulna pops out of my skin :slight_smile:

Amen Bro !!
Take Care …