Where's the Best BBQ in St. Louis?

Hi Folks - I’m going to be in St Louis for a conference the first week of April and am interested in eating some great bbq. Any recomendations?

The Kaptain :wave

I’m not sure about Bar-b-Que but I have a few other suggestions…

Steak - The Majestic - (Thursday night is traditional KC Jazz by Mike Ning and friends)
Chineese - Bo Lings - just on the South side of the Plaza area (ask for the almond cookies also)
Jazz club - Jardine’s (tell Hanna I said Hello!)
Monster Burgers - The Flea

Good luck with that BBQ!

Hope Lin :pickin

Honestly, don’t waste your time or money with St. Louis BBQ. It is well worth the drive to Kansas City to eat at Gates or Arthur Bryant’s or Jackstack.

Uhh… Karl, sorry the man is right. My last trip I was in both cites and all of those restaurants ARE in Kansas City. :rolleyes

My contact out there agrees with LawrenceKS - there is no good BBQ in St. Louis. They drive to Kansas (and these folks can put away some BBQ).

Sorry. :frowning:

Hope Lin :pickin

Kaptain, being born and raised in St Louis, i must agree for the most part. No place really sticks out in st louis for bbq.

Seeing that you are brewer, you might want to check out the Schlafleys brewery in Maplewood. A good local brew pub with really good eats, at least in my opinion.

Thank you all for the tips! I’m in St. Louis now and am excited to eat!

The Kaptain :thumbsup

Karlos, so, how was your trip into the heartland? Did you find any bbq that hit the spot? Where did you end up chowing? Wondering minds want to know.

Did ya play tourist and do the “Arch” thing?

i did for the first time last year! :lol

Hope Lin :pickin

Fat Toneys in Soulard!

Toney grew up in KC, so it actually tastes like BBQ should taste