where to stay in Telluride

I would like to attend the Festival next year 2008.

Where can I find a place to stay for a couple of days that is affordable?


Camping is obviously the most affordable and camping tickets go on sale next winter at the same time that festival tickets go on sale. Staying in a condo with several other people also works. Prices vary and the number of people sharing it will make a difference.
This forum is a good place to find people with condo space to share. I know that some people stayed out of town and drove in. I have never done that, but I still wouldn’t recommend it.


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a little bit of reading and searching would have gotten you to the planet’s lodging page: http://www.bluegrass.com/telluride/lodging.html

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That link you posted takes onesto a tapers site and not to the bluegrass site. A corrected link can be found here:

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I make frequent trips to Telluride, and I found that the Telluride Mountainside Inn is the most economical place in town… and it’s dog-friendly!


There are no bells and whistles to the place, but if all you want is a bed and a shower, it’s the way to go. It’s right on the river trail, too.

Most hotel rates triple during Bluegrass and require a four-night reservation.
You may also want to check out the Victorian Inn… it’s only a couple of blocks closer to Town Park, but still affordable.


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gipper, regarding the mountainside inn. it was the first place i ever lived in telluride, back when it was the coonskin. i had the top corner apt right at the bridge. awesome place(for what it was/is). open the window a bit and all i could hear was the drop in the river right there.

I love it! I always stay in a lower level unit up against the mountain. I just open the window so the dog can jump out to chase the chipmunks…

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