Where’s the lineup LEBOWSKI..?!

Bunny says you’re good for it…

That’s, like, your opinion, man.

'tis curious there have been no updates or reasons given for the delays. I keep looking at my calendar to reassure myself that yep, it’s March, and that is past Friday, February 28. My guess, and pure speculation it is, is there there is a band or two from foreign lands who is worried about travel restrictions cause of the virus and they’re trying to sort out who they’re sure can get to Telluride. And waiting will make the announcement that much sweeter. (As long as a pandemic doesn’t shut down everything…)

Lineup is posted now

Will Billy Strings be playing only on Sunday, June 21?

hell likely have a late night show and dont be surprised to see him sitting in all weekend.

could also see him doing FirstGrass on Wednesday night up in Mtn Village

I’m really hoping he plays the kick-off party at the Conference Center, plus a workshop set of some sort, maybe a Doc thing with Bryan and Sam?

I like your style…these are two exceptional suggestions. :thumbsup

Billy has THURS-SUN listed on his tour page. I’m sure we will have many opportunities to see him. I think a themed Elks Park set is the top of my wish list. Dead set, Doc set, any collaboration really.