Where is Hope

Does anyone have word on Auntie Hope? I am supposed to meet her at festival, but have been unable to reach her via email or phone. I am most concerned that she is okay.

Deb from tucson? Any news?

DebbieFromTucson is already in Town Park and probably isn’t checking email or the Forum - at least not regularly.

Last I heard, Auntie Hope was working on her travel arrangements still and would be glad to hear from anyone driving I-40 through Nashville TN on their way to TBF.

Much Love for Auntie Hope :flower

I have info on Hope but who is this. ? I’m sorry I don’t recognize your name. You can pm me

I love this thread…

Hope should be there by now. Be sure to wish her happy birthday, it was on the 11th. And Telluride Tom’s was on the 3rd.