Where have you lived?

Following a topic in another area…

Let’s see…(being born a Navy brat)
Born in California…
Lived in Hawaii for two years.
Lived in Illinois for two years.
Back to California for eight years.
Lived in Oklahoma for two years.
Back to California for twenty years.
Colorado for 9 years.
Back to California for fifteen years.
And finally back to Colorado.

*side note - one year minimum to qualify.

This list won’t be quite so long:

2 years in Clinton, OK
5 years in Noble, OK
20 years in Norman, OK

Oh Geez…

Another Navy Brat
Born Portsmouth Va
Baton Rouge La
Nawlins La
Houston Tx
Washington DC <the nixon years
Dallas Tx
Waco Tx
Austin Tx
San Antonio Tx
Little Rock Ar
Albuquerque NM

:flight Air Force Brat!
Salem, Oregon (born)
Sembach (AFB), Germany
Las Vegas, Nv.
Salem, Or
Grissom AFB, Indiana
Las Vegas, Nv.
Durango, Co (for 2 mos., does that count?)
Las Vegas, Nv. :sunshine

El Dorado, Kansas
Wichita, Kansas
New York City, NY
Brown Deer, Wisconsin
Norman, Oklahoma
Manitou Springs, Colorado

LuAnna…back in Wichita for the fifth time.

Pittsburgh, PA - 7 yrs
Mechanicsburg, PA - 3 yrs
Bloomfield, CT - 10 yrs
Newport, RI - 2 yrs
Hartford, CT - 9 yrs
Charlotte, NC - 8 yrs
Davidson, NC - still counting

Pittsburgh - 0 to 1
Long Beach/Anaheim - 1 to 3
Washington, DC - 3 to 18
Rochester, NY - College
Washington, DC - 21 to 22
New York City - 22 to 25
Stamford, CT - 25 to 26
Dallas, TX - 26 to 28
Charlotte - 28 to 30
Hollywood/Westwood/Hermosa Beach/Manhattan Beach/West LA/Santa Monica - 30 to 34
Washington, DC - 34 to 40 (note: I am currently 37!)
Oregon/No. Cal/Colorado - 40 on!

Born in ATL
Stone Mountain, Ga- 18 years
Athens Ga- 5 years
Birmingham, AL 3 years
Asheville NC -1 year
Gainesville, FL 1 year
Montgomery, AL-7 years
Birmingham, AL 5 and counting

damn, I am getting old. :lol

Let’s see:
0-11 Brooklyn,NY
11-18 Richmond,VA
18-24- Williamsburg, VA
24- 43 ( present) Tucson, AZ

BillyB-- it’s always good to have a three year plan! :thumbsup I have only three more years here so I am working on just such a plan.

well, i admit that I listed places where i lived for less than a year, but if you haul everything you own there, pay rent, have a job and all that then you live there! And between every move I came back “home” for awhile. The last time back I planned on staying here less than a year and that was in the fall of '85. :lol

Mark, you aren’t getting old! Well, you are older than you used to be but, really, would you want to be that young again? Let’s don’t even think about old, yet! :eek


Your right LuAnna, I don’t think I would go back :cheers

hmmm let’s see:

Long Beach, Ca
Omaha, NB
Phoenix, AZ
Payson, AZ
Yosemite, CA
Flagstaff, AZ
Lee Vining , Mono Lake, CA
West Laughalot (Purdue), IN
Kelly, WY
Independence, CA
McKinleyville, CA
Koztebue, AK
Inverness, CA
Cerro Gordo nr Keeler, CA
Seward / Homer, AK
Olema, CA
Town Park/Telluride, CO
BiValve, CA

YOSEMITE!?!?! :rock WOW - I’ve got to hear about this one day.

yup almost 5 years


I’ve had a whopping 5 days. I do remember this random gas/food stand that made some awesome breakfast grub on the road of the park towards Mono Lake - ring a bell?

(screw Clouds Rest :wink: - let’s talk about the greasy spoon :lol)

Born in Washington, Pa - 10 years
Miami, Florida - 7 years
Tallahassee, Florida (FSU) - 1 year
Miami, Florida - 2 years
Denver/Boulder, CO - 6 years


Born Hebron, NE 2 years
Norfolk, NE 3 years
New City, NY 3 years
Sioux City, IA 9 years
Ames, IA 2 years
Sioux City, IA 1 year
Greeley, CO 4 years
Ft. Collins, CO 1 year
Denver, CO 13 years
Bend, OR 1 year
Denver, CO 1 year
Marshalltown, IA 3 years
Waterloo, IA 2 years
Richland, WA 7/07-???

ummmm… ready for this one??? you sure??? drumroll please…
:kitty um, ok I guess that will do.

Maine- 23 years

DocMike, you are leaving Iowa? My congrats on that!

I have been thinking about this “Where have you lived?” thing. I think I have tried to very hard to live wherever I am but… lately it seems that my life is mostly in Colorado… and the commute is starting to be a killer! but. . .

<-----still jumping


Minneapolis, MN (born) - 2 years
St. Petersburg, FL - 16 years
Banner Elk, NC - 1 year
Gainesville, FL - 4 years
Orlando, FL - 1 year
Grand Junction, CO - 13 years