Where best to camp? Keep all my tickets?

Ok, fulfilling one of the items on my ‘bucket list’ and I am finally making my way from Charlottesville,Va to the Telluride Blue Grass fest with friends in tow.
Here is the question:
I have parking ticket and camping tickets for Mary E. Campground, camp tickets for High School Camp Ground, and camp tickets for Lawson Hill. Which is the best place to be among the three? Any advantages to keeping ability to switch up camp sites during the four days (High School…close. vs. Mary E… far). Would be nice to have a real fire for a couple of nights. At Mary E., I can park the car at the camp site and have a real fire… but so far from the show!

Need Advice from those that know…
Scott A.

Well, at the high school you are pretty close to the festival but you can’t bring alcohol and must keep it down after a certain time. Don’t know much about Lawson Hill, I’ve never been there. I camped at Mary E. and didn’t miss a single show I wanted to, you just have to make an effort to get to the shuttle early enough. Mary E. is a pretty nice place to stay, lots of cool people and shade, and having a fire is really nice. Plus it’s a beautiful little area and hearing the river at night is pretty cool. Hope this helped somewhat :thumbsup

chance are by the time Festival comes around there will more than likely
be a fire ban all the way around
We here in New Mexico are extreamely DRY
and Im sure Colorado is pretty much the same way …just a thought


Lawson is pretty much open space ie NO SHADE
High School Family and No Booze

Wow, camping tickets for all three locations? That’s what I call covering all the bases! I’d only add that, it’d be good (for those in need/desire of camping tickets that didn’t get them) if you decide on where to go a couple weeks out at the latest and make the remaining passes available (at cost plus reasonable handling charge) to other Festivarians :slight_smile:

Just my 1/50th of a dollars’ worth.



Yes, i will definately make a decision next week and release some of the tickets for others…

:wave Wow - way to go dude!
I would suggest that for your first time you choose to camp in Illium, it’s a very sweet spot and the shuttle trip will introduce you to a whole mess o festivarians. If you can… arrive in Telluride a few days before festival and take the time to check out each campground before the planet starts checking wristbands. That way you’ll have a much better idea of what you want to do your next years. Plus an early arrival in Illium will gaurantee you a really sweet camping spot for the week. :flower :flower :flower

And do please release those extras to the festivarian community for face value so that those less fortunate can share in this amazing experience.


Im with Hippie on this
My Firsy year …1991
Did Illium …had a great time …Incredable experence …Rustic , Beautifull
My one suggestion …come prepared for ALL and I do mine ALL Weather !!
your gonna meet some fine people … and we take care of each other
All of us !

Hey Ron, we will be sspending the Saat night before FESTIVAAAAAAL in Santa Fe. Any suggesstions(keep it clean)? We Useless & Jo) have never been.

First of all Joe
are you guys driving or Flying and From where ?
Santa Fe …is gonna cost you a couple more hr drive …

Driving from St. Lou MO. Santa Fe and then onto Durango Sun. night. TRide Monday.

And actually, Jo is my bride (Kimmy Jo) and I am Brian (the Useless in UselessJo).

:wave Rancho de chamayo dude


Looks cool Hippie thanks!

Will keep my eyes peeled 4 u in Durango on sunday night, we’ll be the ones panting for breath :lol :lol

We’ll meet you at the nearest Oxygen tank! :lol Where are you staying? We have a room at a place called The Gable House. Any of your fellow UKers traveling with you?

We’ll be under canvas just outta town, me and my fellow uk buddy.

we will more than likeky be in one of these places.
Lets hook up somehow.

another cool place in Durango is


Thanks Ron McNally! You my friend are a plethora of info! I’ll let you know about the pms.

Well! Mark is no longer termed “small member”. Anyone else want to say something about that?