When do you fully switch "modes" from the previous to the next bluegrass?

I’m curious how some of you might look at things along these lines? I suppose we could look at the stats on this board across the calendar year and it’d probably give some insight into things … or at least as a function of festivarians going online to express themselves over time. Of course there will be increased activity around specific dates such as the camping lottery, tickets on sale, announcements, etc.

I’d say the winter solstice is a pivotal day for me … although I feel this even moreso toward the end of January. It started out as more of a snowboarding thing (light, weather, etc.), but my mind/body sense the movement out of winter and toward summer. At that point, bluegrass becomes more tangible in terms of being only a long few months out.

Aside from immediately after the festival, there seems to be a big void of interest for me until about now (and at a low level at that until end of Jan) … not that I don’t recall memorable moments from time to time, it’s just not on my radar otherwise. I find this aspect kind of interesting.

My phone alarm is set for “Land Rush” on Saturday afternoon. Yup, the current “Land Rush” Saturday. You can never be too ready for “next year” in my book! :lol

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

Obviously the Town Park lottery and early December ticket sales stir up quite a bit of interest for the next TBF for a lot of folks. But like Hope said, it’s never too early. It’s hard to leave Telluride every June. I find myself wanting to just stay until the next June. It’s only what, 360 days? What’s the big deal? I spend a little time looking for recordings of some of my favorite shows after each fest but at the same time, I’m already thinking about what next year might be like. Planet Bluegrass sets the bar higher and higher every year. How can you not be excited about what the next fest will bring? Then I get turned on to a new band, like Rose’s Pawn Shop out of CA, and I start thinking about them playing TBF. And Salmon touring. They’ll be at TBF, right? And for some crazy reason my hometown, Cleveland, OH, has had the month of November packed with bluegrass shows for the past 2 years (Yonder, String Dusters, Trampled, Keller, Punch Bros.) so that just gets me more excited for June. OK, I’m rambling but it’s because I love this damn festival so much.

I guess the truth is that I never stop thinking about last year’s fest and I never stop looking forward to the next one.

:wave rev your engines!! The Bluegrass community can FEEL IT COMIN down the line, gettin close. GOOSEBUMPS already!

I listen to alot of the PBG CD’s of Festivals past. They really capture the vibe, the noises from the crowd injected into the music, next best thing to bein there.

DITTO :cheers Well said fellow FestiFlatlanderFriend, well said. :thumbsup

Just noticed that I’ve now got the 420 rating. I assume you had something to do with that Swander99. Thanks brother! :cheers

I guess I’ve always switched when we have tickets. So it used to be a predictable date…now it’s getting later and later every year, ad it takes u longer to shake loose the extras we need.

I’m covered, so I’d like to switch modes, but with no Tickets for Tessa & Rob, I can’t start looking forward to it too much!

Buying tickets tomorrow, just officially requested the time off. I’m in :cheers

2012 fest planning starts now

There’s something about being at the TBF (or any show of high interest to me) where time kind of just stands still. It’s part of the lure for me … a way to truly live in the moment. Maybe sometime between the end of the last song of the night and the beginning of the encore do I have thoughts about making plans … normally just about what’s next for the evening or how I’m gonna make my exit and get to sleep.

Maybe there’s something about visiting Telluride annually for the TBF which makes it different? Perhaps there’s a point where the reality sets in that the party will be over soon & the only response is to plan for next year … simply as a coping mechanism. I suppose I’ve been lucky enough over the past few years to have a “next big” run of a few shows (typically GD related) every few months … so it’s not quite as traumatic to have the rug pulled out all at once for a year.

Today! When I bought my tickets. Would have been earlier, but I got shut out of Town Park…