When can I pick up my RockyGrass wristband?

Hi - does anyone know the earliest I can exchange my ticket for a wristband. I couldn’t find this info on the site. I want to avoid standing in two lines (one for wrist band, one for entrance) on friday morning like last year.

A friend of mine told me he got his on thursday last year. I am wondering if I can get mine lunchtime thursday?

Thanks! Man I am getting excited for the weekend. :hop

We did it Thursday around 5:00 a couple years ago, I would assume it could be done anytime Thursday afternoon but I’ll find out tomorrow.


Noon - 9pm on Thursday.
(for those of you waiting in line to get onsite, we will have an auxiliary box office open at Bohn Park from noon - 7:30pm)

8am - 9pm on Friday.

8am - 9pm on Saturday.

9am - 9pm on Sunday.


Thank you Dustin and Apollo!

Now bring on Friday!