What's the cider scene like in Colorado?

I’m not much of a beer drinker these days, but I love cider. Is there a good amount of local ciders (I’m not a big fan of Redd’s or Angry Orchard) in Colorado and Telluride specifically? If so, I’ll plan on picking some up there! If not, I’ll have to come prepared.

Can’t wait to leave!

Can’t find any ciders on their “permanent menu”, but it’s possible the Telluride Brewing Company might make a cider … as I recall there being a ginger beer/brew and other more eclectic concoctions the last time I visited their location in Lawson Hill.


At Winter Wondergrass in Steamboat there was a company called Big B’s that had hard cider in cans. They are based out of Hotchkiss and have been making non alcoholic cider for a long time. My wife really liked their cider and they always had a long line at the festival. I would think that it could be found in Telluride. May want to call ahead to Telluride Bottle Works and see if they carry it.

Stem Cider out of Denver is yum! Have a few varieties to choose from but I like the Real Dry.

Sounds like I’ll be able to stock up a bit down there should I need to. Thanks everyone!