What's one thing you forgot to pack once and will never forget again?

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I had a friend who will be coming for the first time this year (yay!) ask me this question last night. My answer was either sunscreen (though I was able to find that pretty easily, just a pain) or underwear (yep, one year I forgot em all). Anyone else have some to share?

Only a few more days left! :thumbsup

I love this question!

We had an unfortunate event several years back where we didn’t forget to BRING something but forgot to DO something and it was almost a trip ender.

We haul a trailer to carry a large chunk of our camp’s gear. Welp we had just bought a new trailer and neglected to tighten the tensioner bolt that connects it firmly to the ball hitch.as we were merging onto I-70 from I-25 we hit a huge bump and the trailer popped right off in busy traffic. Luckily we had the safety chains on and we coasted to a halt on the shoulder after it slammed into the car a few times. Luckily we were all safe and our gear was intact (except for some food that spilled out when we opened the trailer to get some tools) but it was pretty terrifying.

And that’s the story of how we got our camp name, Camp Trailer Smash.


Oh WOW! That’s very terrifying, especially on the highway! I’m glad it all worked out!!

I think I need to stop by your campsite… because the EXACT same thing happened to me about a month after I bought my trailer :lol I also hadn’t properly hitched it on the ball, and as I was driving through the neighborhood I hit a speed bump and the thing popped right off. Luckily some bystanders came by and helped me get it back on (took me jumping on the roof of my car to get the safety chains to give enough slack to release it though :lol). It was quite a scene. Thank god for safety chains and emergency brakes! Makes me feel a LOT better to know that I’m not the only one who’s made this mistake. Everything was fine with my trailer, minus a dented trailer jack (which I replaced for $50). My ego was a bit bruised though.

Thanks for sharing! :thumbsup



Enough* bacon

My first time at TBF, I camped in Town Park and didn’t really understand how the weather in that area works. It rained, which turned into snow and I didn’t have any winter gear. Y’all, taking your metal tent down in the snow without gloves is no joke! Sooooooo cold!! After that year I made sure to pack all my warm gear first.

Whew!!! The turtle has landed.
Whatever we brought is now ready to be unpacked… if theres anything missing we can find it in town.
I’d really like to show planet a little appreciation for making this a 10 day event because I’d be miffed as hell after hauling all this crap up here for anything less…

It’s so easy to forget warm weather clothes during a summer festival! This is a great thing for me to add to the list :slight_smile: Thank you!