What went wrong buying tickets?

I am new to buying tickets for the festival AND to this forum. I hope I posted in the right place. Please be kind.

Here is the (very) long but sad (not in the end) story. Please help me figure out what I did wrong so I have better luck next year.

We preregistered 2 emails for me and 2 for my husband which the instructions said we could do. Received our 4 prereg approval emails. On Friday am, signed in with pw. It took many attempts. Kept getting “No that’s not it…” message. (Even after the 10 am opening). Finally got all 4 emails in with assigned numbers.
First # came up. Chose 4 Town tix scrolled town to vehicle pass. Still available! Added to cart. Tried to check out. It made me sign in AGAIN! But wouldn’t accept the pw. (Kept saying No that’s not it). Kept trying, trying. Started over for the email (on phone, not laptop this time). Password would NOT work.

Next email# came up. No Town tix but got Mary E camping and vehicle pass in cart. Again required a new sign in. Tried over and over same thing!! “No that’s not it” message.

This happened for all 4 accounts using different phones, laptops. No tix in the end. So sad.

So please tell me what I did wrong. From boards, I don’t see anyone else with this experience so I know it was me. (It’s always me!)

In the end, friend has extra tix so we are going but I want to be ready for next year!

Sorry for the world’s longest post.

I may be able to help if you want to message me. I was doing a return, but maybe I can do a transfer instead.

Thanks so much. I was able to get tix through a friend. Was just trying to figure out what I did wrong. :blush:

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Happy to hear :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That’s an incredibly frustrating experience! So sorry to hear. Glad you got your tickets, yay. We got through yesterday and we didn’t have to keep entering the password. My suggestion is to contact PB ( but give it a week, they are super busy now) and ask them if they have any advice. Otherwise I’m sure one of the incredibly tech literate folk here will have suggestions ( cached data?)

I know this answer isn’t really helpful, it’s more a “ sorry to hear” type reply.

And - you will have the BEST time