What to expect going without tickets? Other things to do in & around Telluride?


So we have a very similar story: got our plane tickets, condo rented, meeting up with friends, but tickets sold out blah blah blah…(if anyone has tickets I am still very interested). So we are going to be hitting the message boards hard for the next couple of day’s and see what happens.

It’s looking like we will not have tickets. Unless we find some guy on the side of the road selling them or someone in the festival.

So does anyone have any suggestions on things to do there beside the festival?

I know there has to be some sick hiking trails, fishing maybe, swimming ect…

Any suggestions on anything would be great.


Heya Tea …Lottsa stuff to do in and around The Ride
got give up on the Ticket Thing …for those that want , there is Always a way
it seems

Elk’s Park Workshops, hiking, biking, shopping, drinking, and, unfortunately, scalpers near the front gate. Check the message boards first, but last resort, scumbag scalpers. :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers

Cool…I was doing some research online and I found some cool shit going on around there rafting, hiking, fishing, but yes these will be last resort. I am going to try and do everything to get into the festival.

That is good to know that there will be people selling tickets out front…even though they will be scalpers!!!

I will not pay more then $300 for a 4 day pass or $150 for individual day pass…So that might be a problem!!


There’s still awesome music at Elks park!

This will kill a few hours and should be pretty cool.

Punch Brothers movie screening in Telluride

And of course as others have mentioned Elks Park is a lot of fun.

Hope you make it in but if not you should still have a great time.

There’s also first grass in addition to Elk’s Park. If it were me - I’d park myself in front of the box office and find a way to get in. A lot of folks don’t cruise these boards so you may be surprised.

And then you could always post up outside the Nightgrass shows and see what happens.

[b]Good points. The ganjala doesn’t charge during festivus, you could ride up to the first peak, there is a restaurant up there with a bar and you could walk the trail back down to town. Locals trapped in T-Ride and don’t participate in the festival (and those who don’t / can’t leave town have their own amusements. So there are bands in bars, happy hours, jam sessions and a few things scheduled in Mountain Village (FIRST GRASS is entirely free and always a good jam (Go Sarah!)

Buzz around open minded and you won’t be disappointed. The food is good and the atmosphere is electric! Almost all of the show is streamed live on the Internet and KOTO radio, so you can still be in the action. Elks Park is buzzing with talent and people and most are performer from the fest in one of a kind pairings of artists rarely seen…

I doubt you will stay out of the fest the whole time, things happen and its mostly all good.[/b]