What to bring to Generating Music Ideas class

For those of you taking Rob Roper’s “Generating Music Ideas” class at the 2018 Song School, you’ll need to bring the following items to the class:

  1. Portable recorder for capturing ideas. A cellphone with a voice recorder app (and on airplane mode) will do.
  2. Notebook and pencil and/or pen.
  3. Song School classbook with handouts for this class.
  4. Guitar or other instrument capable of playing chords.
  5. Water bottle

This will be a very hands-on class. Most of the time you will be scattered about generating music ideas for songs and recording them. You need a way to record them, or else you’ll forget them, unless your memory is extraordinary.


Hi Rob,

On way home yesterday to Lyons from the airport I sat next to a new song school person. Made me think. I have a good idea I believe for a local-based song concerning some dramatic events that occurred just a few months ago in town involving the County trapping prairie dogs on County property set aside for their protection. There was a big outcry, news, articles, etc and the County pretty quickly ceased ((they had already trapped 150 animals and taken them to the Black Footed Ferret Conservation Center to be fed, live, to the ferrets there to help train them to hunt. If there is not a good song in this…? Can you share this with whoever may be interested? Happy to provide this local story: Robert.Brakenridge@Colorado.edu