what to bring and what not to bring to the festivaaaal!!!!

somtimes people, well everyone forgets thins 4 the festival
so lets make a list a what not to bring and what to bring

BRING dont bring…
thats 4 u 2 decide 1.underwear
3.pillows…forgot mine last year!!!

alywally :hop

You may also want to check the ultimate packing list thread. :cheers

Reusable Bags to do your shopping in Town! :thumbsup

Don’t Bring:
Excess Packaging from things you’ve already bought! :evil

Auntie Hope :pickin :green

Bring your smile, warm clothes for night time, and lots of quarters for the showers. And to make sure you go home happy, don’t bring anything you wouldn’t want to lose or can’t replace easily, especially you ladies and your earrings. My wife tends to always lose one of her favorites! she claims that if they weren’t favorites, she wouldn’t be wearing them, so I guess it’s a catch 22 on that.

I always bring a spray bottle for when it gets toasty. EVERYONE loves it. Well, most people anyways. :wink:

Yes, the spray bottle idea is fabulous! Last year, I actually went to Home Depot and got one of the bottles made for insecticides… It made for an awesome mister!!

Maybe some of you remember that I was using the mister and my bubble gun, making it sorta like a walk by shower!! (guess you had to be there, lol)

:bubbles :peace :bubbles

I need to put a spray bottle in my car now. It’ll still be there when I leave for Telluride and it’s the one thing I always forget.